Stating that the ears play an important role in the adaptation to time and space, Dr. Lecturer Member Mustafa Çelik made a statement on the occasion of Ear and Hearing Health Day and gave advice to families.

Dr. Çelik said, “Ear health is not only about the outer ear canal, but also about the protection of the structures in the middle ear and inner ear auditory pathways. Ear health also makes it possible to preserve the functions of the ear and to do it regularly. Although the ear is not an organ that takes up much space in the body, it has very important functions. It has vital tasks related to speech, hearing and balance. In case of failure to protect ear health, regression of speech in children, stuttering, tinnitus in adults, hearing loss and balance problems are the main diseases. “The presence of earwax, which we call” plug “in the external ear canal, affects the lives of patients negatively,” he said.

Dr. Stating that any pathology in the auditory pathways can lead to hearing loss, Çelik said, “The energy that we call external sound allows the perception of sound energy in the brain and the formation of hearing by following the auricle, outer ear canal, middle ear, inner ear and central auditory pathways. Pathologies in areas from the auricle to the brain can result in hearing loss. “The presence of plugs in the external ear canal, rupture of the eardrum, damaged middle ear ossicles, inner ear pathologies, old age, and tumoral masses involving the brain stem such as acoustic neurinoma cause hearing loss.”


Stating that the treatment for hearing loss varies according to the cause, Çelik said, “A simple cleaning procedure in the presence of an obstructive plug in the external ear canal treats hearing loss, cochlear in case of a rupture in the eardrum, defects affecting the middle ear ossicles, calcification in the middle ear, severe sensorineural hearing loss. Surgical procedures such as implants can be applied. However, the treatment of every hearing loss is not suitable for surgery. Hearing aids can be life-saving for our patients who are not suitable for surgery. The use of hearing aids in daily life significantly increases the quality of life. Hearing loss is not treated with hearing aids. Hearing aids enable the sound to be transmitted at a higher intensity to the inner ear by providing the amplification of the sound.

Dr. Çelik continued his words as follows:

“Hearing is one of the most important parts of being in life, adapting to space and time. The non-hearing patient isolates himself from time and space. Hearing loss and being left without treatment adversely affect human life. Failure to treat congenital hearing loss, especially in children, causes the child to be isolated from society. Hearing is more effective than speaking, cognitive development and school success in children. “


Dr. Lecturer Member Mustafa Çelik emphasized the importance of protecting ear health and made the following recommendations:

“Do not confuse the ear with ear litter in case of ear congestion and itching. Not listening to television, radio or music with loud voices. Not wearing headphones for a long time. Not making long-term phone conversations. Not inserting any foreign objects into the external auditory canal after bathing are simple protection methods that can be done. “


Emphasizing that when an ear-related discomfort or congestion is felt, an otolaryngologist should be consulted, Çelik said, “The belief that the ear will make such a habit, especially in cases of congestion, after ear cleaning is completely wrong. Ear cleaning should be done when needed, not periodically. However, we recommend a routine ENT examination every 6 months to maintain ear health, ”he said.

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