Uncontrollable hand tremors can cause difficulties in doing daily tasks and insecurity in social situations. Expressing that the most common hand tremor complaints can often be confused with hand tremor in Parkinson’s, Neurosurgeon Dr. Instructor Member Halil Olgun Peker made important warnings.

Underlining that hand tremors are a harbinger of Parkinson’s, but essential tremor, the most common type of hand tremor, is not associated with this disease. Instructor Member Halil Olgun Peker said, “When there is excitement, stress, fatigue, low blood sugar, hand tremors of patients with essential tremor are triggered. Note the differences between Parkinson’s and essential tremor. In essential tremor, which can also be seen in young people, health problems do not accompany the patient, while in Parkinson’s there are disorders called balance disorder and dull posture.


Defining hand tremor as the involuntary movement of the hands, Dr. Instructor Member Peker said, “We call unintentional and uncontrollable rhythmic movements ‘tremor’. Parkinson’s; It can develop as a result of brain diseases such as cerebellum diseases, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), hyperthyroidism (excess thyroid hormone), as well as due to many problems such as alcohol withdrawal or stress and fatigue. In cigarette addicts, tremors may occur in the hands when stimulant substances such as excessive coffee are consumed.


Noting that essential tremor is thought to be a genetically based disease of unknown cause in medicine, Dr. Instructor Member Peker shared the following information:

“Essential tremor is just a movement disorder and does not harm the patient other than tremor. Although it is seen in young people, it is more common in the adult group. When there is excitement, stress, fatigue, low blood sugar, hand tremors of patients with essential tremor are triggered. The difference between Parkinson’s and essential tremor can be made as follows: Health problems do not accompany the patient in essential tremor, while in Parkinson’s there are disorders called balance disorder and dull posture. In addition, there are tremors in the voice in essential tremor, but not in Parkinson’s disease.


Pointing out that when hand tremors are long-term, a doctor should be consulted and the cause of tremor should be differentiated from Parkinson’s and other diseases of the brain. Instructor Member Peker said, “Even though there are harmless hand tremors at first in essential tremor, in some cases the disease can start in one hand and involve the other hand. While the problem can be controlled with a simple drug treatment, if it is not intervened, treatment becomes difficult when it progresses.


Underlining that brain damage may increase in cases such as untreated Parkinson’s disease, Dr. Instructor Member Peker said:

“Basic tests such as blood count, thyroid hormone determination, and brain MRI are performed to diagnose the patient who comes with tremors. Hand tremor treatment varies depending on the cause of the disease. In essential tremor, which is the most common group, drug therapy is started in the first stages. In cases where drug therapy is not effective, an operation called a brain pacemaker (deep brain stimulation) can be performed. By targeting an area in the brain called the thalamus, this flickering mechanism is eliminated with a kind of electrical current. The brain pacemaker is a very effective and safe treatment in suitable patients. In the same way, when the effect of drug therapy decreases and the side effects of drugs begin to increase in Parkinson’s patients, brain battery therapy is used. With this surgery, besides the patients’ complaints of tremor, problems such as slowness of movement and joint stiffness can be solved. Only when the battery runs out, a simple operation and battery replacement is required. In this way, the treatment shows its lifelong effect.”


Adding that side effects such as dizziness, sensitivity to light, fatigue, nausea and vomiting can be seen in beta-blocker treatment used in the treatment of essential tremor, Dr. Instructor Member Peker said that for this reason, those who receive essential tremor treatment should go to a doctor’s control at regular intervals every 1-2 months.

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