Time spent at home due to the coronavirus brought immobility. Head of the Coaching Education Department, for adults and children who have had coronavirus or want to start sports but not. Lecturer Ömer Fikri Eralp made warnings. Reminding that “MIS-C”, in other words multisystem inflammatory syndrome disease, can also be seen in some of the children who are exposed to coronavirus or are asymptomatic, Eralp said, “There may be rapid fatigue, bruising, problem in breathing rhythm, rapid heartbeats that give the appearance of tachycardia. These symptoms should be paid attention to. Cardiac examinations of candidate athletes are required. Cardiac problems appear as genetic, dogmatic or acquired problems. The diagnosis or examination findings of the cardiology specialist are extremely important, ”he said.

For children who want to start sports, Eralp said, “Unbearable symptoms of exertion such as early fatigue, excessive sweating, frequent breathing, bruising and girls or boys who need to rest should be observed and tested whether they have heart problems. Breath and pulse are important for this. Heart rhythm has a sound. Physicians listening with a stethoscope may hear a whistling sound apart from this sound. This may be a symptom reminiscent of a heart pump problem. “Situations known as blowing blowing must be observed,” he said.

Stating that some examinations should be done before starting sports, Eralp said, “I am not saying that every child should have extensive examinations before starting sports, but it is extremely important for those who do sports and plan the exercise to follow the children even with the corner of their eyes. When returning to sports, observation, follow-up and team are important. Parents are also the closest observers to the child. “Coaches, coaches and teachers have a great responsibility in terms of observation.”

Stating that academic publications reveal that people returned to normal life after 1-1.5 months after coronavirus, Eralp said the following about the time to start sports:

“We can base their ability to do daily activities. If they complete routine needs such as domestic mobility, going out and shopping, and if they do it smoothly, they can start sports with aerobic exercises. Exercises and walks can be done that do not bring weight and do not make use of oxygen difficult. Care should be taken to ensure that strain, resistance exercises, past habits can still be maintained. “

Emphasizing that there is the concept of sudden death in sports, Eralp said, “Sudden death can happen to many professionals. It can also happen to individuals who practice sports with an amateur spirit for their physical and mental health. Many cases of sudden death have been identified and reported. But each case has a specific cause. A person who became a performance athlete as a result of an overlooked cardiac problem can also be reported as a sudden death case. “Sudden death can also vary from person to person and is very related to whether there are problems in the circulatory system.”

Stating that Kovid creates serious problems on body systems, Fikri Eralp said, “It is reported that there are problems especially with the circulatory and respiratory systems. Academic studies on this are ongoing. Based on the fact that exercise is indispensable for human life; “People should turn to exercises that do not require pace, do not cause fatigue, make them feel good, have high motivation, and have a social aspect,” he said.

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