Internal Diseases and Intensive Care Specialist Doctor Kaniye Aydın, who struggled against coronavirus at Kayseri City Hospital, said that many of his family and friends got sick during this process. Aydın said, “During the pandemic period we were working, there was a period when we treated a few people from the same family. There were those who died from the same family.

There were times when we lost first mother and then son. We saw the sadness experienced by the relatives of the patients. Relatives of those caught in coronavirus in and around their family or those who died due to coronavirus are very aware of the situation. People please follow the rules. The perception that ‘I have been vaccinated, it will not infect me’ is wrong. Let’s not let go of the measure, “he said.

Stating that they are working in a risky area, Aydın said, “We all have families. We are seriously afraid of carrying the disease to the family when we go home. We are sitting in different environments at the same house. We cannot eat at the same table for 1 year. This situation affected us socially and psychologically. I hope as soon as possible from the pandemic process. “People should pay attention to masks, distance and hygiene rules, even if they are vaccinated. Many people have had coronavirus and unfortunately there have been losses,” he said.

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