People who wanted to strengthen the immune system during the coronavirus process, which affected the whole world, turned to food supplements such as vitamin C, zinc, magnesium. Assistant Professor of Pharmacology at İzmir Tepecik Training and Research Hospital. Ömer Demir said, “Citizens should not use food supplements of their own volition, except for expert advice.

Tests are made, deficiencies in the body are checked, deficiencies of a certain vitamin are found, and these deficiencies can be supplemented with additional medication if it is not thought to be adequately supplemented with food and sunlight. Other than that, I don’t find an attitude like ‘I feel very weak, let me go get vitamins’. There are claims that some products strengthen immunity, especially in the virus process. These are not concrete and evidence-based examples. For example; zinc is a heavy metal. It accumulates in the body. It can harm health when used in an uncontrolled manner ”.

Stating that many products sold on the internet under the name of food supplements can be fake, Dr. Demir said, “You must be sure of the seller of the product you bought. Even if you have bought a product of a known brand on the Internet, you may encounter a fake product. Therefore, consider that the money you give may go to waste. I do not support the purchase of such products on the Internet. If you have a vitamin deficiency and your doctor will tell you If he recommends, I recommend that you consult the pharmacy and buy the product he recommends, “he said.

Stating that there are certain countries and brands related to food supplements, Dr. Demir continued his words as follows:

“It is launched with rumors that the products are good for certain ailments. However, there are not enough and detailed studies to show that these products are good for ailments. As a physician, I recommend taking the deficient vitamins and minerals from food and sunlight instead of using these products unconsciously. “

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