Stating that vitamin D provides the calcium balance in the body, it has been shown in many studies that it is protective against coronavirus and strengthens the immune system. It has been found that the rate of catching Kovid-19 is higher in those with vitamin D deficiency. supports its development. ” used the expressions.

Stating that it is unnecessary to stay in the sun for hours, Ağırman said, “Between 10:00 and 15:00 in the morning, contact of arms, face and legs with direct sunlight for 10-15 minutes is sufficient for vitamin synthesis. This period may increase a little in dark-skinned people.” shared his knowledge.

In its deficiency, bone resorption can be seen

Referring to the disorders that can be seen in vitamin D deficiency, Ağırman said:

“Vitamin D deficiency paves the way for rickets in children and osteoporosis in adults. Muscle weakness, pain, motor development retardation, and failure in advanced cases may also occur. Especially children in growing age, young people and elderly people whose metabolism is slowed down and who cannot be fed regularly need plenty of sun and movement for the protection and development of their bone and muscle mass. as well as the circulatory and muscular systems may be adversely affected. “

“Fish, milk and eggs are natural sources of vitamin D”

Ağırman stated that there is vitamin D in fish, dairy products, eggs, and some grains, and almost 80 percent of it is synthesized from the skin by the effect of the sun.

Stating that as the ultraviolet rays decrease, vitamin D synthesis decreases, Ağırman said;

“Vitamin D synthesis decreases with the ultraviolet rays reaching the skin in closed areas, in densely cloudy days, in places with high levels of air pollution. Let’s not miss the hours when the sun’s rays come in an upright position for vitamin D, which is the main supporter of bones, teeth and muscles and strengthens our immune system during the days of complete closure. Let’s take advantage of our open windows or balconies, if any. But let’s avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. Especially, children should not neglect the exercises that put load on the bones in the home together with vitamin D to increase bone development. Activities such as jumping, jumping rope, and running will support bone development and prevent the formation of bone resorption in the future. “

“Don’t take unnecessary vitamin D supplements”

Heavyman also warned that vitamin D is a vitamin that can be stored in body fat, so synthesizing at a certain level would be sufficient, and warned that it should not be taken as a supplement without knowing the blood levels for fear of vitamin D deficiency.

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