There are studies that reveal the relationship between vitamin D, especially bone health, cancer, diabetes (diabetes), and cardiovascular diseases. A study by Harvard University also showed that vitamin D reduces the risk of death by preventing the progression of cancer.

Evaluating the research and the relationship of vitamin D with cancer, Assoc. Dr. Ömür Gökmen Sevindik said, “Vitamin D is a vitamin that we take with the help of the sun, which we call essential for our body. Therefore, it is actually a vitamin that has very important roles for cellular functions. Cancer is also known as a cellular disease and its spread by uncontrolled division of cells. We know that Vitamin D also plays an important role here ”.

Explaining that in the previous years, clinical studies have been carried out showing that vitamin D reduces the division of cancer cells through its receptors in the cell nucleus. Dr. Ömür Gökmen Sevindik said, “It was shown that it prevents cancer from spreading to distant tissues.

A study we conducted in the United States found that people living in warmer regions of the United States have less cancer deaths than people who get less sun. We need to clarify this relationship a little more. “Although we don’t always get the same results, we can say that people with high vitamin D levels in a colon, breast cancer experience fewer metastases,” he said.

Explaining that although this is not a very valid concept for every cancer, they measure the vitamin D level before starting treatment in some cancers, Assoc. Dr. Sevindik said, “Of course, vitamin D cannot be delayed from starting cancer treatment, especially if there is a deficiency below 30 ng / ml. But at the same time, we are starting vitamin D treatment.

Because vitamin D is a vitamin that is easily given from outside and we have very good vitamin D supplements on hand. Our skin can produce vitamin D when it sees the sun. This vitamin turns into active form in liver and kidney.

We don’t want our cancer patients to lock themselves up at home. Although we cannot recommend being outside under these conditions, we want them to take advantage of the sun during the summer months, exposing themselves to the sun for at least half an hour a day. “It is very important for them to maintain this mobility, especially in open areas and less crowded areas where there is no human density.”

Dietician Öznur Akgöz explained the benefits of vitamin D as follows:

“Vitamin D plays a role in many metabolic events of the body such as immune, muscular and nervous system, calcium-phosphorus balance. In addition to these, its most important effect in the body is very important in calcium absorption for bone development.

In addition, vitamin D is required for normal immune system functions. In some studies, it has been stated that some genes are affected by vitamin D, and vitamin D levels significantly affect the expression of the most, and this situation will have a positive effect on diseases such as type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and cancer and cardiovascular diseases. “

Dietitian Öznur Akgöz, who advised that vitamin D levels should be checked every 3 months, said, “Especially in the summer months, we will store them thanks to the sun, so there will be a decrease in the winter months. For this reason, we should have the vitamin level checked in 3-month periods during the winter months. In order to synthesize enough vitamin D from the sun, sunbathing should be between 10.00-15.00 with arms and legs open, “

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