Stating that appendicitis can be seen at any age, as often as between the ages of 7-14, Pediatric Surgeon Professor. Dr. Mevlit Korkmaz emphasized that the most prominent and common complaints were persistent abdominal pain, loss of appetite and vomiting.


Stating that if a hard piece of stool entering into the appendix remains stuck or the lymph nodes in its wall obstruct the duct, it can lead to appendicitis. Dr. Korkmaz said, “Complaints start with constant abdominal pain and loss of appetite. It continues with vomiting several times. Patients may have fever that is not very high, and increased abdominal pain when getting up, walking, coughing. Examination findings are very important in diagnosis and they may have vital risks if they are not treated on time, ”he said.


Prof. Dr. Korkmaz stated that the appendix contains lymph nodes that are effective in the body defense system, but the remaining glands in the digestive system after removal have closed this gap and said, “The most important reason for the microorganisms in the intestinal flora to reach the disease extent in appendicitis is the obstruction of the appendicitis inner cavity.”

Prof. Dr. Mevlit Korkmaz shared the following information about the causes of appendicitis, whose entry and exit are from one place:

“Appendix is ​​too long, hard poop plugs, small foreign bodies swallowed, seeds of food (cherry, lemon, olive, etc.), intestinal worms, tumors of this region in advanced ages, the canal can be blocked, then fluid begins to accumulate in the appendix and the microbes multiply and internal pressure Thus, the tissue of the appendicitis deteriorates and inflammation begins. There is no way to prevent inflammation, the most effective method is surgical removal of the appendix. “


Noting that the complaint of abdominal pain starting around the navel continues to be felt in the right lower abdomen. Dr. Korkmaz said, “Lack of appetite, nausea-vomiting and fever that is not very high are observed, and when these are observed in the child, a doctor must be consulted. “The most effective solution for inflamed appendicitis is surgery.”

Stating that there are two types of operations, Prof. Dr. Korkmaz gave the following information about the surgery:

“One is open surgery and the other is laparoscopic appendectomy. The laparoscopic method, which has many advantages, can be applied in all children without age limit. If the appendicitis has ruptured before surgery, the treatment and recovery process is longer. After the operations performed with open surgery, children who do sports should take a break from heavy exercises for a while. “

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