Stating that exercise can increase energy consumption while preventing or improving obesity, diabetes, dyslipidemia and hypertension, Öğr. See. Physiotherapist Çağıl Ertürk said, “Exercise is also effective in preventing atherosclerotic diseases such as ischemic heart disease or cerebrovascular disease and cancer.

Exercise not only affects the metabolism and the cardiovascular system, but also supports the maintenance and strengthening of the locomotive organs. This would be useful to prevent bone fractures caused by skeletal muscle atrophy or bone resorption and to prevent dysfunction over time, ”he said.


Saying that very vigorous exercise that can cause muscle damage or fatigue will become a stress for the body, Ertürk said, “Excessive exercise can lead to acute inflammation, increase intestinal permeability or make the body susceptible to infection,” he said.

Stating that chronic inflammation can be considered as a disease caused by overeating and physical inactivity, Ertürk said, “It is better understood that the anti-inflammatory effects of exercise are effective in preventing chronic inflammation. Nowadays we are struggling with Kovid-19, we have to keep our immune system strong, and exercise can also help with its anti-inflammatory mechanism. However, further prevention of chronic diseases, improvements in quality of life, and extension of healthy life expectancy by implementing not only exercise but also dietary supplementation and appropriate lifestyle factors are expected to be more actively promoted in the future, ”he concluded.

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