Gastroenterology Department Specialist Dr. Tevfik Ali Küçükbaş gave information about the video capsule endoscopy method. Dr. Küçükbaş said that video capsule endoscopy provides millimeter-by-millimeter evaluation of the digestive system. Stating that it comes to the forefront as a valuable examination in the diagnosis of diseases in the digestive system, Ovine said, “Different imaging methods can be used in the diagnosis of diseases of the digestive system, which are divided into esophagus, stomach, small intestine and large intestine. One of these options is the ‘video capsule’. endoscopy examination is a method used to examine the small and large intestine areas.

While an area of ​​1-2 meters in the small intestine can be examined in endoscopy examinations, all small intestine areas can be evaluated with video capsule endoscopy. It provides advantages over barium graphy, tomography and MR examinations in defining the disorders of the intestine that do not cause swelling, abnormal vascular structures and bleeding foci. In addition, it is an easy examination method that does not require sedation, which does not affect daily life, opening a vascular access, being exposed to radiation, and staying in the hospital during the procedure. “


About which diseases the video capsule endoscopy method will be used in the diagnosis of small cattle, “Video capsule endoscopy is a valuable test used to determine the cause of bleeding in the intestine, polyps, ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease, malabsorption disease, benign or malignant tumors. With the development of video capsule endoscopy technology, biopsy is taken from the diseased tissue and the desired part is displayed for a longer time by stopping the progress of the capsule. can be provided, “he said.


Noting that the video capsule endoscopy system consists of three parts, Küçükbaş said, “The first is the capsule that takes pictures, the second is the belt-shaped recorder attached to the waist, where the photographs are recorded, and the third is a computer that has the necessary software for uploading and analyzing the images from the recorder. The preparation process is easy and the process is the same day. For the examination, the capsule is swallowed with water after the recording device is attached in the form of a belt.People who will have video capsule endoscopy should not have the possibility of intestinal obstruction.In addition, in case of previous bowel surgery or adhesions and Crohn’s disease, small intestine medicated radiography or tomography before capsule use With the preliminary examination may be required “he said.


Ovine said the following about the things to be considered during the period of stay in the body after the capsule is swallowed:

“After the capsule and recording device settings are made, the recording process is started, which will take 8 hours in the small intestine examination and 10 hours in the large intestine examination. During this period, the car can be used and the daily activities can be continued. Again, electronic security gates should not be passed. When the registration period expires, the belt-shaped recording device will be removed in the hospital and the recorded images will be transferred to the computer. The images will be evaluated by the doctor on a computer with the program for this examination and will be reported within a week. “

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