According to the news on the Healthline website, the results of the study, which evaluated data on 177 thousand 723 healthy adults in the UK, were presented at the European Obesity Congress.

The study examined whether diet influenced the levels of biomarkers that signal the disease in the blood and urine of adults aged 37 to 73 years.

The research team, led by Carlos Celis-Morales, found that vegetarians had lower levels of 13 biomarkers. It has been noted that this indicates a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

“Age, weight, alcohol and cigarette consumption do not affect the findings”

It was noted that the age, weight, alcohol and cigarette consumption of people who stated that they did not make major changes in their diet for the last 5 years did not affect the findings.

Experts reported that in addition to total cholesterol, certain markers associated with liver function were low in vegetarians.

“Consume fish instead of red meat” recommendation

Celis-Morales emphasized that despite the findings, people cannot be recommended to give up meat completely, and said that healthy options such as omega-3 rich oily fish can be replaced by reducing red meat consumption.

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