While the Corona virus continues to take lives around the world, research on the epidemic continues uninterrupted. In order to increase the defense weapons against the virus, the passwords of the disease are tried to be deciphered.

A study was conducted with the participation of 2,884 people in 6 countries under the leadership of Johns Hopkins University experts in the USA. In the study on the effect of diets on catching the corona virus, it was suggested that the rate of catching the corona virus among vegetarians is 73 percent lower than those who consume meat.

More than 2,300 of the people who participated in the study, whose results were published in the leading medical journal, the British Medical Journal, were not infected with the corona virus, and 568 people consisted of people who had the disease. It was stated that 138 of the people who had Covid-19 had severe symptoms and 430 people had mild symptoms.

Commenting on the results, US experts said, “It was observed that people with pescatarian and plant-based diets had a lower rate of severe disease, even if they caught the corona virus. “These diets can be an important way to protect against severe cases,” he said.

Noting that low-carbohydrate, high-protein diets also increase the rate of severe disease by 3.8 times, Prof. Dr. Gunter Kuhnle said, “The results are not surprising. It is common for people on a plant-based diet and who often eat fish to be healthier than people in the control group who follow a normal diet. “What’s surprising is that the risk is high on a low-carb diet,” he said.

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