Head of Brain Health Association Prof. Dr. Derya Uludüz said that migraine, one of the most common health problems, is defined as a type of headache with severe attacks.

Expressing that genetic factors are 70 percent effective in this disorder, but not every person with a genetic predisposition has migraine pain, Uludüz said, “Especially when environmental triggers are added to genetic predisposition, attacks come to the fore.” said.

Pointing out that there are too many triggering causes in migraine, Uludüz said, “For example, the menstrual period triggers pain in 60 percent of women with migraine. The most common ones are stress, insomnia or too much sleep.” he spoke.

Uludüz stated that a change in meal routine, malnutrition, hunger, high carbohydrate nutrition, some smells, consumption of excessive caffeinated foods, and the lack of oxygen in the body can trigger pain attacks, “Fermented foods, sweetened ingredients, Chinese food, processed meat, wine, cheese, Chocolate, garlic, onion, shelled cookies, pickles, vinegar may be triggers. Not every patient may state that these foods worsen their pain. Even when you exclude these foods from the diet, the pain may not always go away. Because migraine has multifactorial triggers. ” gave the information.

Stating that 7-9 hours of sleep a day is important for the protection of health, Uludüz said, “The transition time to sleep is as important as sleep time. The ideal sleep time is between 23.00 and 07.00.” he spoke.

Pointing out that intense work pace, not spending time outdoors and working at a desk constantly in indoor environments are the triggers, Uludüz stated that sitting at the computer for a long time prepares the ground for migraine.

Stating that having two of the situations of nausea or complaint during headache, sensitivity to light and difficulty in daily activities is sufficient for the diagnosis of migraine, Uludüz said, “If the answer to at least 2 of these three questions is ‘yes’, 93 percent of them are migraine.” said.

Uludüz stated that the throbbing pain comes in the form of attacks and lasts for an average of 12-24 hours.


Prof. Dr. Uludüz said that migraine is not a completely treatable disease, but it can be controlled for a lifetime.

Explaining that the treatment options in migraine patients vary according to the frequency of attacks, Uludüz gave the following information:

“The treatment is divided into two groups. Firstly, it is sufficient to take measures to reduce the pain during the attack, especially in patients with pain attacks less than once a week. Painkillers that relieve pressure on the brain tissue by narrowing the dilated vessels during the attack. However, painkillers like a band-aid o It should be remembered that it cuts the pain instantly, that is, it does not cure.

It is important to massage during pain. Massage applied to certain points in a migraine attack has a 70 percent positive effect. The points to be massaged are between both eyebrows and the root of the nose, the middle of the forehead between the two eyebrows, the right and left areas of the neck where the skull bone is sharpened, and both temple areas. Massaging these points for about 10 minutes relieves pain. Massage can be done with propolis cream to be more effective.

Prof. Dr. Uludüz stated that preventive treatments were needed for those who experienced more than 4 pain attacks in a month.

Explaining that there are many drugs among the preventive treatments, Uludüz said, “These drugs have some side effects, such as Sara, depression, and heart-rhythm drugs. However, these drugs also have some side effects. For this reason, the classical drug administration approach should be avoided and behavioral changes should be made as much as possible.” He spoke in the form.


Uludüz stated that the latest technology in treatment is the “migraine vaccine”, “The migraine vaccine is not actually a real vaccine, it is stated as a vaccine in practical discourse because it is made from the arm just like a vaccine. It is applied at monthly intervals.” said.

Expressing that 4 different pharmaceutical companies in the world have developed migraine vaccines, Uludüz said, “Under the leadership of scientists from the USA and especially Britain, vaccination studies have been carried out intensively in many countries including Turkey since 2011. As a result of the studies, the results of the treatment were found to be very effective and side effects were found to be low. ” used the expressions.

Stating that the results of the first study were shared at the World Headache Congress held in Canada, Uludüz said that after a short while, it was approved by the relevant institutions.

Noting that the migraine vaccine was applied under the skin, Uludüz continued his words as follows:

“Migraine vaccine has a small needle like insulin application. It is administered as a single monthly dose. The first application is made by the physician and the person is taught how to do it. It is administered under the skin in the form of an injection. After the dose, patients can buy the vaccine from the pharmacy with a doctor’s prescription and apply it themselves. “

Emphasizing that this technology is of great importance for migraine treatment, Uludüz said, “Because a migraine-specific product was developed for the first time. All medicines previously used were products that were discovered for other diseases, but seemed to be good for migraine. But CGRP antagonists were developed specifically for migraine. Migraine vaccine. is extremely effective when applied to the right patient at the right time. ” he spoke.

Providing information on who will be given migraine vaccine, Uludüz said, “This treatment can be applied to migraine patients who have frequent pain more than 4 attacks per month. However, it is a very expensive treatment. It is recommended that drug treatments have been tried before and used in patients who are unresponsive to these treatments. In Turkey, two companies have passed. week received approval for use and the product entered pharmacies. Currently, the products are not covered by reimbursement. ” said.

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