Giresun University Faculty of Medicine, Head of Cardiology Department Assoc. Dr. Ahmet bream, AA correspondent, Kovid-19 for more than a year of the epidemic that influenced the entire world, Turkey also stated that continued unabated in the fight against viruses, heart patients pandemic period they create more sensitive and vulnerable population was noticed.

Karagöz warned the people in this group not to disrupt their medication, and pointed out that those who use blood thinners, especially for rhythm disorders, skipping their medication for even one day can lead to unwanted situations such as paralysis. Karagöz also underlined that those with coronary artery disease and heart failure should pay maximum attention to medical treatment compliance.

Turkey stressed that the need for vaccination among the leading countries in the world bream, often lately, “I wonder if I have heart disease vaccine Can I be?” He stated that they started to encounter questions.

Karagöz advised those in this group to be vaccinated and made the following assessment:

“No matter what type of heart disease, such as coronary artery disease, heart failure, arrhythmia or heart valve disease, our patients can have their vaccines without hesitation. There is no scientific data that the Kovid-19 vaccine may cause adverse effects in heart patients. Having our heart patients vaccinated will both protect themselves against the Kovid-19 infection, which they are prone to undergo heavily, and will ensure that there is no missing link in the social immune chain, which is the most effective way to get rid of the pandemic as soon as possible. “

Ways to cope with anxiety must be learned

Assoc. Dr. Karagöz also drew attention to the fact that they started to see the negative effects of the prolonged pandemic process in people with heart-related diseases, independent of infection.

Stating that the increased anxiety level causes an increase in the heart rate by activating the stress hormones in the body, Karagöz said, “It is known that there is an inverse proportion between heart rate and life expectancy in all living things. In short, we can say that increased heart rate and decreased life expectancy are directly related to healthy individuals. This situation becomes even more important in cardiac patients. ” said.

Karagöz emphasized that those in this group should learn to cope with anxiety and even get psychological support.

“Although the heart rate that increases due to the increased anxiety level in individuals with coronary artery disease and heart failure can be reduced with heart medications, it would be a healthier approach to learn the ways to cope with the increased anxiety level and to receive psychological support if necessary. ‘Pandemic what will time run out? ‘ It is necessary to be motivated to survive instead of weakening our body with anxiety. In this direction, it is important to take actions such as doing sports and eating regularly. “

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