Using sunscreen is now as routine as brushing teeth. You can delay aging, prevent blemishes and protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun thanks to the sunscreens suitable for the skin type. However, you should always pay attention to the expiration date before using sunscreen. A new study has revealed that a substance used by some brands in the ingredient of sunscreens has become carcinogenic over time.

According to Mirror’s report, the article published in Chemical Research in Toxicology magazine examined the sunscreens of the most popular brands in the market in a joint study of scientists from France and America. Octocrylene was found in some of these brands. Researchers discovered that over time, these ingredients could produce another compound called benzophenone, which in turn increased the risk of cancer.

Octocrylene, a substance that absorbs UVB rays from the sun. Due to environmental concerns, it has been banned in some areas such as Hawaii and the US Virgin Islands.

But the scientists who conducted the study say that the main problem is not Octocrylene, but the conversion of compounds to benzophenone.

The longer the product containing this chemical is stored, the more harmful it becomes. Benzophenone is a substance banned in the US as a food additive and for use in cosmetics.

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