Dyt. ─░rem Aksoy said, ‘The most important step to be targeted in terms of physical health is a healthy, adequate and balanced diet. In the world and in our country, it is understood from the obesity rates in the population that a healthy and balanced diet cannot be carried out at the desired level. The World Health Organization defines obesity as “excessive fat accumulation in the body to the extent that it impairs health”. Obesity is a serious health problem that is common all over the world. There is a directly proportional balance between the obesity rate and unhealthy diet in the world. Thus, in populations where healthy nutrition is insufficient, obesity can be faced with many health problems such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, fatty liver and joint disorders. Maintaining a healthy and balanced nutrition plan firstly allows you to take precautions against obesity and the health problems it brings. ”

What is a balanced and adequate diet?

According to the nutrition model developed specific to our country; It is the balanced and sufficient availability of nutrients from the cereal group, milk and dairy products, fruits and vegetables and protein groups.

In addition;

-To take care to consume fresh vegetables and fruits in the diet by paying attention to the portions,
Consuming foods from several servings of cereal groups a day,
Consuming adequate amounts of milk and dairy products,
-Limiting fat intake with diet; Restricting saturated fats, including unsaturated fats in a sufficient and balanced diet,
– Avoiding undesirably salty, sugary, fatty and simple carbohydrate foods,
-Minimizing processed foods and alcohol in the diet,
– To pay attention to hygiene in the preparation of meals and to use healthy cooking methods.

What are the reasons that do not make a healthy and balanced diet possible?

One of the most important factors preventing a healthy diet is time problem. Especially, it can be very difficult for people who work in busy jobs to reach healthy home meals and make healthy choices. On the other hand, economic reasons are also an obstacle to a healthy diet. It may not be easy to reach healthy foods in every society.

In this case, ultra-processed foods; The fact that it is economical, easily accessible, interesting and can be consumed faster increases the tendency towards unhealthy nutrition.

Talking about ultra-processed foods; Chips, packaged snacks, candies, sweetened and carbonated drinks, frozen and long shelf life foods, in short, are a series of processed foods containing trans fat, additives and preservatives. If we evaluate these foods in terms of healthy nutrition, they are foods high in total fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt content, but low in protein and dietary fiber. In this case, it is necessary to limit or even not include ultra-processed foods in the healthy diet list.

According to the studies, the effects of ultra-processed foods and emulsifiers found:

-Can raise blood sugar,
– It can cause extreme hunger immediately after short-term satiety,
It can increase body fat weight,
– It can damage organs, especially liver and kidneys,
-Can raise cholesterol,
It may cause digestive system disorders,
– It can cause overeating problems as it causes fast eating.
According to the results of a clinical study conducted last year;

The energy intake of the subjects fed ultra-processed foods increased day by day, and weight gain and body fat increase were found compared to those fed unprocessed diet.

Limiting the consumption of ultra-processed foods; Less energy intake can provide more body fat-weight loss and can be an effective strategy for the prevention and treatment of obesity.

Reading the labels of the foods you consume will raise your awareness, and you will now be able to make more accurate and healthy choices in your food choices.

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