Res. See. Eda Balcı, “GMO is obtained by changing the sequence in the genes of a living thing or by transferring genes from various viruses, bacteria, plants and animals to give this creature a character that does not exist in its essence. The production and consumption of GMO foods has increased in the world and therefore in our country over time. According to the report of the WHO (World Health Organization), it is reported that inserting a new gene into the genome of the organism whose genetics will change may cause unwanted physiological or developmental effects, ”he said.


Balcı emphasized that one of the health problems prominent in the health effects of GMO foods is allergic effects, “As an example of this situation, soy, which is a food poor in methionine amino acid, has been transferred from hazelnut to make it rich in methionine. People who are allergic to nuts as a result of transfer have had an allergic reaction when they consume this soy. “ People can live a healthy life by not consuming those foods in the case of food allergies they know, but they cannot predict which foods can enter soy, which contains the hazelnut gene, ” he said.

Underlining that another health risk in GMO products is antibiotic resistance, Balcı continued his words as follows:

” It has been reported that GMO foods containing antibiotic-resistant genes may cause resistance problems against antibiotics. In other words, they cause the effect of antibiotics to be weakened during the use of antibiotics. At the same time, it has been stated that genetically modified foods may have toxic effects, and as a result, there may be many damages such as being more susceptible to immune system disorders and viral infections. ”


Underlining that while it was thought that foreign DNA could be digested in our intestines at first, Balcı emphasized that it was shown that these foreign DNAs taken through foods can be transported to our cells, “ GMO has not only harms human health but also the environment as follows: It can also damage diversity. “In the researches done so far, GMO use has serious harmful effects on both living and environment.”

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