Health Sciences University (SBU) Koşuyolu High Specialization Training and Research Hospital Cardiology Education Officer Prof. Dr. Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Mehmet Yunus Emiroğlu stated that it is known that many preventable risk factors play a role in heart diseases, except for some genetic-based unavoidable conditions.

Emiroğlu, who stated that the main risk factors of cardiovascular diseases can be listed as unbalanced and ready-to-eat food, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol, an inactive lifestyle, tobacco and alcohol consumption, said:

“It is known that, especially by controlling these risk factors, many complications and deaths, such as stroke, heart attack, that may develop due to chronic vascular heart diseases can be reduced by 80 percent. It is not difficult to control these risk factors if the necessary seriousness is shown. Thus, a healthier heart and happy It should not be forgotten that a life that can be lived is possible. Taking the necessary precautions before the disease is caught rather than being treated after the disease and making these measures sustainable should be regarded as the most important step in chronic heart diseases as in all diseases.

Mediterranean type diet helps to protect heart health

SBÜ Koşuyolu High Specialization Training and Research Hospital Cardiology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Abdülkadir Uslu said that the processed form of foods such as trans fat, sugar and salt is used more frequently today, and that a diet enriched with vegetables and fruits called Mediterranean type diet should be preferred in order to avoid these and prevent cardiovascular disease and strokes.

Assoc. Dr. Uslu suggested that daily salt intake should be limited to 5 grams, focusing on home meals, consuming meals without additives, and also avoiding smoking and alcohol, continued as follows:

“We know that since childhood, fat in the coronary arteries and obesity are closely related to cardiovascular diseases that will be encountered in the future. To prevent obesity and to reduce the burden of our blood sugar levels, at least 3 days a week, a rhythmic exercise for 30 minutes 1 hour after meals. or walking will provide the balance that we mentioned. A gym is not necessary for these very simple exercises. We can recommend doing this for both ourselves and our loved ones. In addition, in order to have an idea about our blood values, we must have our blood cholesterol level, complete blood count, sugar rate checked and have information by measuring our blood pressure values. The fact that we have blood pressure may not always create a complaint for us, or we may not notice the complaints and attribute them to other reasons. It would be beneficial to go through the physician control at regular intervals. “

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