Making evaluations about the P-shot treatment method, Uro-Andrology Specialist Prof. Dr. Halim Hattat gave the following information:

“Platelets are actually blood cells that occur naturally in our bodies. These cells are normally involved in blood clotting and assist in the repair function. PRP is the condensed form of these cells naturally found in the blood. The concentrated liquid obtained by centrifugation of blood contains approximately 2-4 times the amount of platelets normally found in blood. These high amount of platelets provide a serious regeneration in the tissue both with their repair properties and the growth factors they contain. Effects such as regeneration, cell growth, vascular formation and collagen production are observed in damaged tissues. During the procedure, a superficial anesthetic cream and solution is applied to the penis. In general, the intermittent treatment takes an average of 3 sessions. Following a control period, the patient is re-evaluated and re-applied if necessary. “


Stating that there is a natural slowdown in the vein, nerve and muscle structure that supports the sexual region with the aging process and that is required for sexual functions, Hattat said, “The hardening of the muscle tissue of the sexual region, especially with atherosclerosis, causes volume loss in the sexual region. When we look at what are the benefits of P Shot therapy, the most important effect is that it reverses this process by providing the ability to regenerate vascular, nerve and muscle tissue with the help of growth factor. PRP can be applied especially for erectile dysfunction, peyronie’s disease causing curvature in the genital area, pelvic surgeries, decreased function after chemotherapy or radiotherapy. PRP is effective especially in men who increase the risk of atherosclerosis, diabetes and smoking. Since it also stimulates stem cells, it also shows the ability to enlarge the genital area. First of all, this treatment is an outpatient, non-surgical procedure that does not require anesthesia. As a drug-free procedure, we achieve an increase in the quality of life,” he said.

Stating that men should be careful about poor performance, Hattat said, “If you have difficulty in achieving or maintaining an erection, if there is a significant decrease in your sexual desire, if your ejaculation time is short enough for you and your partner to be satisfied, if there is an anatomical problem with penis size, if there is any If you have experienced a decrease in sexual performance after illness, surgery or medication, if you have stress, depression, anxiety or relational problems that will negatively affect your sexual life, it is useful to consult a specialist in terms of poor performance. Remember, most of the male sexual problems are due to organic causes and there are many treatment options for them today.

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