İzmir Concept Vocational School Oral and Dental Health Program Lect. See. Gülin Tulu Solid said that the key point in oral and dental health is to perform oral care at home with the right methods and at the right time, and in addition to this, regular checks to the dentist.

Dr. Gülin Tulu Solid, stating that the meals we eat during the day lead to problems such as cavities and gum infections by staying in the cavities and cavities on the teeth, in the interdental areas and in the gum for a long time, creating a suitable environment for bacteria to feed and reproduce, “ It is the effective removal of food residues. “Toothbrush, dental floss, interface brush and mouthwash are necessary, adequate and easy-to-reach tools to maintain daily oral hygiene.”

Reminding that correct tooth brushing starts with the selection of a toothbrush suitable for our mouth, which is difficult to clean and can enter narrow areas such as the back teeth, Kat said, “It is preferred that the head of the toothbrush is approximately 2 teeth wide. Brushes with very soft bristles may not be effective enough in removing residues, while brushes with very hard bristles can irritate our teeth and gums. “The aim here is to clean effectively and not damage the tissues,” he said.


Stressing that soft toothbrushes can be preferred in special cases such as sensitivity, gingival recession, surgical operations or mouth sores, Solid said, “The teeth are in the upper jaw together with the gums, and in the lower jaw, always with circular movements from the gum to the tooth. should be brushed. When removing food residues from the areas where they are stuck, care should be taken not to push it into the gums, and not to brush by pressing with horizontal movements in a way that will cause erosion of the teeth and recession of the gums, ”he warned:

“Obsessive cleaning and brushing habits seen in some individuals can often result in erosion of the teeth and recession of the gums due to brushing using too much force and more often than necessary. Similarly, frequent and careless use of toothpicks and improper use of popular and practical devices such as mouthwash can be harmful. If the mouth shower is not used correctly, it can cause the gums to enter into the gums and weaken the connection of the gums with the tooth while removing the residues by giving pressurized water.

It is important to take time to brush our teeth carefully, especially before going to bed at night. Although it is difficult to do this at the most tired hour of the day, an environment where our mouths are closed and stuffy and without circulation all night long is a very advantageous place for bacteria to multiply. Brushing, using a dental floss-interface brush and gargling before going to bed at night is the most important step in preserving oral health. When we get up in the morning, we can keep bacteria and residues away from our teeth for most of the day by gargling again and brushing our teeth after breakfast. “

Kat pointed out the critical points for the oral and dental health of babies, and stated that it is beneficial to wipe the teeth by soaking a clean gauze in the 6-8 month period when the first teeth appear in babies.

Underlining that it is very important to switch to soft toothbrushes as the number of solid teeth increases and to give the child the habit of brushing over time, he said, “It is ideal to brush teeth between the ages of 4-5 by parents and under the supervision of parents between the ages of 5-9.

A toothpaste produced for children can be used up to the age of 3 as a grain of rice or just as a thin layer of swab, and after 3 years of age as a pea. Fine interface brushes and flossing between adjacent teeth are necessary in children as well as in adults. “Children drinking water after meals and snack times also helps prevent caries formation,” he said.

Solid, recommending individuals with restrictive conditions such as old age, mental disability, physical disability, rheumatic diseases, to use electric toothbrushes, said, “Doctor control should not be neglected in these individuals as much as possible, and the problems related to oral and dental diseases should be prevented from worsening the current situation and reducing the quality of life. “He used expressions.

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