Assoc. Dr. Sena Tolu warned about the symptoms and treatment of neck straightening.

Assoc. Dr. Sena Tolu stated that the posture with the head in the front, the shoulders low and hunched over time causes the neck to flatten, that is to say, the loss of the “C” shaped curvature of the neck. is required. ” He warned.

“Neck pain and neck straightening increased, especially in the Kovid-19 epidemic”

Tolu pointed out that neck pain and neck straightening increased, especially in the Kovid-19 epidemic, due to prolonged phone and computer use, “The risk of neck straightening has increased in those who do not do their daily exercises and maintain a sedentary lifestyle during the epidemic. Due to the long hours spent in front of the computer, we observe that there is an increase in the number of patients presenting with pain in the neck. “If you think that your head is in front of your body or that your neck fold is lost, you should consult a physical therapy and rehabilitation physician for your treatment immediately.”

Stating that neck pain is not always caused by neck hernia, Tolu stated that neck straightening causes neck pain by causing spasm of the neck muscles, the pain spreads especially to the back of the head, shoulder and back and causes a constant feeling of tension in the person.

Hot application, massage and physical therapy applications provide relaxation of the muscles.

Tolu stated that the most effective treatment of neck straightening is to work in an environment organized in accordance with ergonomic rules and to exercise regularly.

“In addition, hot application, massage and physical therapy applications can relax the muscles and create a relaxing effect on the person. Change positions every 30 minutes, especially if you work at a computer and desk. Do not keep your neck constantly tilted forward or in the same position. While sitting, keep your back straight and sit back. Do not lift, pull or push heavy items. Divide the loads you will carry equally on both hands. “

“Falling asleep on the sofa watching television for a long time can also cause neck pain”

Assoc. Dr. Tolu stated that a very soft mattress and pillow can cause neck straightening. “The bed should support the spine by aligning it in a straight line. The pillow, on the other hand, should support the head and neck curvature in a straight line and the head is not high when lying on both sides and on the back, so do not use excessively high or low pillows. used the expressions.

Emphasizing that falling asleep on the sofa by watching television for a long time may also cause neck pain, Tolu said, “If necessary, support your neck with a neck pillow that fits your neck curve. Except for your mattress and pillow, do not fall asleep at the edge of the seat. ” He advised.

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