Orthopedics and Traumatology specialist Assoc. Dr. Okan Özkunt said, “Families should not use corsets, apparatuses, or bands with upright grips that will make the child stand upright and look neater. Even when we give a corset or do an exercise program, we plan it by calculating it according to the degree of scoliosis. It leads to some results that are much more difficult to treat in the process after individuals or their families buy and use corsets and supporting apparatus by heart.”


Listing the symptoms that caught the eye of the families, Assoc. Dr. Özkunt said, “Scoliosis with very severe curvature can be noticed by everyone. Since pain does not occur in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (adolescence), which we see most frequently, it is usually not noticed by children. Mothers can notice when dressing their children and taking a bath. Generally, mothers’ attention should be paid to the fact that there is an asymmetry between the shoulders with one lower and one higher, an asymmetry in the pelvis, the scapula being higher like a hump when the child leans forward, the breast level being different such that one of the breasts is higher and the other lower, especially for girls, and the chest is different. He is suffering from symptoms such as some protrusions in his cage.”

Assoc. Dr. Özkunt said, “Even if there is no cause for panic, in such cases, it is necessary to consult a spine surgeon or orthopedist without wasting time and be examined, and then pay attention to whether there is a spinal curvature or is it just a posture-related disorder,” Özkunt said.


Stating that swimming was a method used in the treatment of scoliosis for a while, Assoc. Dr. Okan Özkunt explained the well-known misconceptions about the effect of swimming in treatment as follows:

“Recent studies have shown that swimming is not a very miraculous healing method. But swimming on the back for half an hour two or three times a week is a sport style that strengthens all the back muscles. That’s why we still recommend swimming in scoliosis patients, especially because we want the back muscles to be strong, but there is a difference. If this curvature is above 20-25 degrees, if the child’s curvature level is increasing rapidly, if it is in the pre-adolescent period in girls and boys, it is not very possible to control it with swimming alone. That’s why we start the treatment and follow-up with some patient-specific exercises and movements, and even with apparatus such as a patient-specific corset.”


Assoc. Dr. Özkunt continued his words as follows:

“There is something that is asked very often. For example, sports such as pilates and yoga are not used for the treatment of scoliosis. Just like swimming. Swimming is also not a treatment method. But they are some disciplines that are supportive and especially relieving posture disorder and strengthening the back muscles. However, sports such as pilates, yoga and aerobics can never take the place of physiotherapy and surgery that we apply specifically to our patients. There is such a misconception among patients recently.


Assoc. Dr. Pointing out that complaints related to inactivity have started to increase since the Kovid-19 epidemic, Özkunt said, “Especially in this period, we see an increase in the complaints of scoliosis patients due to staying in a sitting position and inactivity. In many people who do not have orthopedically scoliosis, the incidence of postural disorders increased with the Kovid-19 epidemic.

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