Our biggest weapon in the coronavirus, which has turned people’s lives into a nightmare all over the world for a year, vaccines have started to be applied worldwide and the effect of strict vaccination campaigns is gradually showing itself.

On the other hand, it seems that the biggest trump card we have in order not to catch Kovid-19 will continue to be the mask-distance and hygiene trio. One of the most important tricks about these rules is to get rid of the habit of touching our hands to our face, mouth and even our eyes.

Because although Kovid-19 is transmitted through respiration, it can enter through our nose and eyes and make us sick. For this, unfortunately, it is enough to touch our face and eyes without disinfecting our hands.

A new study conducted in India revealed a striking result. When the researchers examined the connection between glasses wear and coronavirus, they found that people who wear glasses are three times less likely to be infected with the virus than those who do not.

The research was conducted in northern India with 304 people, including 223 men and 81 women. While all of these people between the ages of 10 and 80 had symptoms of Kovid-19, the scientists encountered a striking average, it turned out that the people who participated in the study touched their faces 23 times an hour and their eyes 3 times.

In people who wear glasses, this rate decreases remarkably. Moreover, the longer the use of glasses, the lower the rate continues.

The rate of people who wear glasses for many years and constantly touching their faces and eyes is quite low compared to those who do not use them.

Scientists explained that this is a great chance to avoid getting Covid-19, and the use of glasses protects people three times more from the coronavirus.

It is underlined that the reason for this is that our glasses both form a protection shield and create a habit that prevents us from touching our face and especially our eyes.

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