Mehmet Sait Dalmış, the operator of the Dalmis Beauty beauty center operating in the fashion sector, warned those who want to have remarkable eyebrows about the dyes used in the ‘microblading’ process, which is cut into the skin with the help of razor-like micro needles and applied manually.

Saying that the most important thing to pay attention to in microblading process today is the dyes used, Dalmış said, “While it was said that it was said to be avoided from the places under the stairs, today unfortunately, beauty centers, which have been mentioned a lot, prefer low quality paints and even there is a center.

At the same time, microblading, which is one of the favorite applications of beauty centers in order to achieve naturalness for people whose eyebrows are sparse or for certain reasons, with the right product and expert hands, microblading has developed and met with its users every day. “The shape or sparseness of your eyebrows disturbs you as well, and if you want to have a natural look, you can prefer microblading by experts with water-based organic paints and pre-drawing,” he said.

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