Otorhinolaryngology specialist Op. Dr. Turgay Ercan Tunç said, “In the closed method, the incisions are made through the nostrils and the operation is performed, and no incisions or scars are seen on the external appearance, spontaneously dissolving stitches are placed in the nose and these stitches are not removed.

In the open method, the skin is entered under the skin with a skin incision made in the area between the two nostrils in the nasal tip area and the skin is lifted upward and the surgery is performed, this incision is then stitched, after the surgery, only a small incision scar appears between the two nostrils and this scar is also It becomes invisible in 3 months. ”


Stating that in rhinoplasty surgery, the bones that make up the nose structure are broken or rasped, the cartilages are cut, partially removed, thinned, and in some cases, cartilage can be placed in various parts of the nose because cartilage is added. Dr. Turgay Ercan Tunç said, “Depending on the situation, these cartilages can be taken from inside the nose, especially from ear cartilage or rib cartilage if the amount of cartilage is not sufficient in revision surgeries. “It can be predicted before the operation that cartilage can be removed from anywhere other than the nose, and in these cases, the patient is informed before the operation.” Tunç explained the techniques used in rhinoplasty surgeries as follows:

“Here, a tool also called piezo saw is used, in this technique, nasal bones are cut with a“ piezo ultrasonic surgical instrument ”. In this method, ultrasound waves only cut the bone tissue, do not damage soft tissues (mucous membranes, vessels, nerves), and thus more controlled, smooth and proportional cuts and shapes can be made in the bone tissue. Therefore, aesthetic success increases and postoperative bruising, swelling and redness are less common. Piezo surgery is generally used in the open rhinoplasty method, it is more difficult to apply in the closed rhinoplasty method in terms of reaching the targeted areas of the instrument. ”


Saying that nose operations can also be performed with non-surgical methods, Op. Dr. Turgay Ercan Tunç said, “If the tip of the nose is low, it can be lifted, if there are collapses on the nasal dorsal or if there is a belt, it can be corrected, if there are asymmetrical nostrils or if there are small defects that have occurred after a previous nose surgery. In the nose tip botox, the muscle botox can be applied to the tip area where the nose meets the lip. Some defects in the nose can be corrected by using fillers, sling stitches (rope nose tip lift), botox to the nose tip and laser. However, non-surgical rhinoplasty methods are not permanent procedures and may need to be re-treated in a temporary period of up to 6 months, ”he said.


Stating that smoking and alcohol should not be used 1 week before the surgery and aspirin and similar blood thinners should not be used since they increase the risk of bleeding from 10 days before, Tunç said, “It is possible to correct these problems during rhinoplasty surgery for people with some problems that prevent breathing. “What to do in the postoperative follow-up period varies according to the patient, due to various factors such as the age of the patient, whether there is a systemic disease, whether there has been any surgery related to the nose before.

Op. Stating that the true shape of his nose appeared 1 year after the surgery, Op. Dr. Tunç shared the following information about the postoperative considerations:

” In cases where we have to wear glasses, it can be used by hanging the glasses on the forehead area to prevent pressure on the nose. Lenses can be used after the 3rd day. Direct sunlight should be avoided for 2 months. After the 1st month, you can swim in the sea and the pool. It should avoid excessive physical activity. Normal activities can be done daily, heavy items should not be lifted for 1 week and should not be bent forward too much. Long walks can be done after 2 weeks. All kinds of sports can be done after 1 month. Care should be taken not to get a blow to the nose for 6 months. ”

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