Cardiovascular Surgeon Prof. Dr. Ahmet Tulga Ulus, in his statement, reminded that Christian Eriksen had a heart attack during the Denmark-Finland match in EURO 2020 Group B.

Pointing out that heart attacks have more dangerous consequences in young people and athletes, Ulus emphasized that when the main artery is clogged in the elderly, the lateral veins come into play, but in the young people the heart attack kills because the side veins do not complete their development.

Expressing that the body’s total oxygen need during exercise increases 12 times that of resting, and that the heart, which can increase the blood pumped per minute up to 42 liters, said: It can cause cardiac arrest.” shared his knowledge.

Pointing out that the most common deaths in athletes over the age of 35 are due to coronary artery diseases, which feed the heart, Ulus noted that coronary diseases are the leading cause of death all over the world.

Ulus emphasized that CPR with the right technique will save life for a person who has had a heart attack.

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