Karakuş noted that not enough water is consumed throughout the day, the fiber ratio in the foods consumed is insufficient and an inactive life is among the reasons that can cause constipation in the body. Karakuş underlined that the deficiencies of some minerals and vitamins, the side effects of the drugs and supplements used, and sometimes very strong painkillers can cause constipation.

Karakuş stated that other than these, disorders in the functioning of thyroid hormone, some neurological disorders, pregnancy period, some chronic disorders in the digestive system or cancers in the digestive system are among the factors that can cause constipation.


Karakuş, “Fiber, or fiber, is the indigestible carbohydrates found in plant foods. Unlike other simple carbohydrates (such as table sugar and starch), fibers cannot be digested and absorbed by our digestive system, but are used by the beneficial bacteria in our large intestines and converted into useful items for us. It is extremely important to have a sufficient level of nutrition and to maintain a healthy life.

Karakuş emphasized that pulpy foods create a feeling of satiety by holding water, regulate bowel movements, prevent diarrhea and constipation, and even feed the beneficial bacteria in the large intestine and are beneficial in regulating intestinal flora.

Karakuş stated that if your constipation problem does not improve despite these cautions, you should consult a gastroenterology doctor.

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