The Kovid-19 epidemic, which emerged about 15 months ago and spread all over the world, affected the economy and social life as well as daily habits.

In this process, the use of masks is among the indispensable measures to protect against the epidemic, but it can leave women who wear daily makeup in difficult situations. Women, on the other hand, see permanent make-up as the most effective solution to prevent make-up materials from contaminating the mask.

“Our customers mostly want ‘eyeliner’ and lip coloring process”

Makeup Zone Founder Serpil Durmuş, who provides permanent make-up service, said that women who take care of their personal care have started to show more interest in permanent makeup during the epidemic.

Makeup by processing done indicates Durmus could remain so for about three years, “Mask use has increased 25 percent, the demand for permanent makeup. We have clients from abroad to make Turkey just because permanent makeup. Most Arabs and Blacks while trying permanent makeup, customer portfolio, our Russian There are also Germans and Azeris. We also have customers from embassies. Our customers mostly want ‘eyeliner’ and lip coloring. The price of permanent make-up application varies between 1-4 thousand liras. said.

“Application should be done in certified centers”

Stating that herbal dyes were wiped from the skin after a certain period of time, but permanent makeup applications were made with tattoo ink in some places, Durmuş said that such applications should be performed by certified and trained specialist centers in order to prevent unwanted and unrecoverable permanent problems and to avoid infection.

Stating that the secret of permanent make-up to look natural and beautiful is the special dyes used and the expertise of the practitioner, Durmuş said:

“The process made with tattoo dyes becomes permanent. The color of the tattoo lightens over time, but then it causes a bad appearance that is difficult to remove. The natural and vegetable dyes used disappear over time. anesthesia cream is used. The duration of the application varies according to the area and skin structure. For this reason, a touch-up should be done 1 month after the procedure. “

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