Defining Mindfulness as the ability to consciously identify their own conditions, feelings and thoughts and meet them without judgment, Dr. Kahraman Güler stated that this method can be applied with different psychological groups or individually.

Güler said that mindfulness can be included in other therapy programs and used as a complementary method. Expressing that Far Eastern Philosophy techniques are used in this method, Güler listed the techniques used as follows:

“Breathing exercises, body awareness focus, mindful nutrition, silence exercises, cognitive and emotional techniques, focusing on objects.”


Dr. Kahraman Güler said that people who have difficulties in interpersonal relationships, daily life and business relationships and are under great stress can be relaxed with mindfulness exercises. Stating that mindfulness can be used more frequently in individuals with good functionality, Güler said, “People learn to stay in the moment and calm down, to understand their feelings and thoughts, to witness themselves and the outside world”.

Stating that people learn to live with themselves, especially with silence and mindfulness exercises, Güler said, “People learn to perceive and notice the objects and living things around them with mindfulness. “to meet calmly,” he said.


Stating that the aim is to establish a healthy connection with the inner and outer world of the people, Dr. Kahraman Güler said the following:

“To what extent are we aware of the food and drinks we consume, how much of the things we can perceive, how much do we pay attention to them, and how much we can evaluate what we pay attention to? First of all, we should focus on these questions. You can take a grain of it, look at it, try to understand it, and focus your attention on it. You can try to perceive and make sense of it. When you make sense, perhaps you will enjoy consuming the grape. In short, being able to contact the objects and other events that exist around us helps us to calm down. “


Stating that the mindfulness method can work during the pandemic period, Dr. “In the course of ordinary life, most of us can have intense business and friend relationships or very intense social relationships. People are also avoiding themselves. The pandemic process showed us that we are always confronted, we hit ourselves and we cannot escape from ourselves. “Is it more difficult to stay with ourselves? Sometimes it is really hard to stay with ourselves, because we do not know what to do, how to be alone, to spend time with ourselves and witness our feelings,” he said.

Clinical Psychologist Kahraman Güler continued as follows:

“We have to witness ourselves, our feelings, our thoughts, everything that happens in our life. It is not the solution to not see and turn around. At the end of the day, life always brings out what we do not see. It will make our job easier not to run away from them while living. Mindfullness can also be a good tool for this.”

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