According to the news of the Daily Mail, researchers from the Louisiana Center for Sinus and Nose Specialists examined 2,000 people to determine the relationship between the sense of taste and Kovid-19. In the study, the Kovid-19 test was performed on the participants, who were divided into 3 groups as those who do not perceive bitter tastes, those who are sensitive to bitterness and those who taste average.

As a result of the study, it was revealed that people who do not perceive bitter tastes have a higher risk of contracting the virus compared to people who are sensitive to bitter tastes. The scientists suggested that individuals sensitive to bitter tastes could produce more nitric oxide, which could damage any coronavirus particles.

The leader of the research team, Dr. Henry Barham noted that the bitter taste receptor T2R38, located in the taste buds of the tongue, responds when stimulated by producing nitric oxide to help prevent further reproduction or kill viruses in the respiratory mucosa. Within the scope of the research, it was stated that people who are sensitive to bitter tastes are less likely to be hospitalized due to the virus. Details of the study were published in the journal Jama Network Open.

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