Cardiovascular Surgeon Op. Dr. Sıdıka Altop said that treatments for bedsores in cardiovascular surgeries may differ. Kiss. Dr. Sıdıka Altop said, “Ischemia is the main problem in cases of arterial origin and healing is accelerated by blood supply of the wound bed. Treatments such as stents, balloons and bypass can be added to the area of ​​obstruction. PRP (platelet rich plasma) can be used in wound growth factors and fibroblast growth factors. “It will be possible to restore the patient’s health by increasing the oxygenation by providing the blood supply with the cleaning of the dead tissues and the administration of antibiotics for the culture.


Saying that the integrity of the skin assumes the function of protecting our body against external factors and thermal insulation, Op. Dr. Sıdıka Altop said, “Wound is the loss of structure and function of living tissue by disrupting skin integrity for various reasons. The purpose of wound care and treatment is to ensure the integrity of the tissue in the damaged area and to restore its function as soon as possible. It is necessary to reduce the pain, to control the factors causing the infection with both antibiotics, local dead tissue removal and care solutions and covers. While preparing the wound floor for treatment, blood supply-enhancing moisture and heat applications will be beneficial. In addition, increasing tissue oxygenation will accelerate wound healing due to its regenerative effect on cells ”.


Underlining that bed wound treatments used in cardiovascular surgeries differ, Altop said, “The treatment of these patients should continue at home or in clinical conditions with the support of specialist physicians and authorized healthcare personnel. Care should be taken to have features such as wound dressings in the treatments applied, and ideal ones such as creating a microbial barrier, being organic, heat, insulating, providing moisture, being ergonomic and protective. PRP can be used in growth factors and tissue cell growth factors, ”he said.

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