The use of social media platforms, one of the most common communication tools of the digital age, is increasing day by day. According to the data of online statistics portal Statista, the number of active internet users in the world reached 4.66 billion, while the number of active social media users reached 4.22 billion. While the use of social media increases day by day, the increase in problems such as social media addiction and social media-related depression is also noteworthy.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA) about the depression problem caused by social media, Expert Psychologist Sevilay Sitrava said that what the majority does is effective in people’s decision-making processes.

Referring to the role of social media, Sitrava said, “Especially when we consider that concepts such as relationship, being liked, being liked, being preferred are lived through social media, it becomes inevitable to follow how the visible majority tries to be beautiful. Of course, this is a very ambivalent situation. It guides what he prefers. But on the other hand, he risks getting in the way of one’s own individuality. ” he spoke.

Underlining that interaction with other people is very valuable while living in a social environment, Sitrava stated that by establishing relationships and interacting, people both get the chance to discover themselves and learn a lot of new information. Sitrava said, “On the other hand, while doing this, the questions of how much a person touches his / her own emotions, thoughts, expectations and how much they own them come to mind. However, we only see its destructive side. Therefore, it has become debatable that women are especially distant from him and try to be like the majority, but how compliant they are with him in doing so. ” He spoke in the form.

“The effort to try to physically change himself must also have a meaning.”

Stating that people who try to show themselves as beautiful in social media are followed a lot, Sitrava continued her words as follows:

“With filters, with surgical operations, people exist in a different situation than they actually exist. These are the two important issues here, how it actually exists and how it actually wants to be. The first is the real, the concrete. The second is the dream. People are in themselves. They may have aspects they like or they don’t like. This is quite understandable. However, this effort to try to physically change itself has to have some meaning: not feeling well, wanting to feel more beautiful, desire to be more liked, more appreciation expectation. What the purpose is here shows us how healthy or unhealthy this situation is.

If one wants to make a difference in oneself through changing, filtering, or surgery, prioritizing another person in his mind rather than himself, and doing so with the desire to be liked by him / them, this indicates an unhealthy situation for us. Because when a person is doing these, it means that they are worried about not being liked, not loved, and not being preferred. “

“One focuses on what other people think, not what they think in their own mind.”

Stating that such personalities try to read the minds of other people instead of their own wishes, Sitrava said, “With this other person, they may have friends around them, their social circles, or people with a large number of followers on social media. The person focuses on what other people think rather than what he thinks in his own mind.The person develops a belief that he is not happy in how he sees himself, but that he is liked by drawing attention to how other people are liked, and that he will be liked if he is in the same way. Distancing himself from his own emotions, from his own priorities, from his own desires, he becomes unrecognizable anymore. What a terrifying situation, in fact, the person lives in a body, but the one who has that body is not in contact with the inner world. and he can’t help but care about what he feels. Of course, psychological problems are inevitable. ” He commented.

“A person becomes alienated from his own body through the eyes of another”

Emphasizing that this situation stems from the anxiety of not being liked and not being liked, Sitrava stated that people put a filter on themselves or change themselves with surgical operation in order to cope with this state of being anxious. Sitrava said:

“But then their worries are eliminated? Unfortunately no. After that, other concerns appear. From now on, the person becomes alienated to himself while looking at his own body through the eyes, expectations, preferences of another. He does not listen to his inner world, because he is preoccupied with other people who are liked. This may cause him to experience situations where he suddenly wakes up from his sleep that he cannot name, his heart beats rapidly, his hands tremble with excitement. it is one of the psychological states. “

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