Emphasizing that tobacco users become more vulnerable to infections, the risk of contracting infectious diseases is high. See. Özlem Demir noted that the number of smokers in Turkey has decreased from 30 million to 20 million in the last period as a result of laws, studies of non-governmental organizations and trainings.

1 in 10 people quit smoking in the last 6 months

Demir also shared the information that Green Crescent’s “Study on Smoking Habits and Quitting Tendency” has increased the motivation to quit smoking due to the Covid-19 outbreak and that 1 out of 10 people quit smoking in the last 6 months due to the epidemic. In the study, it was observed that the majority of individuals who reduced their smoking thought that the epidemic period might be the right time to quit smoking. See. Özlem Demir said, “We saw that the rate of those who want to quit smoking increased from 37 percent to 58 percent in this period.”


“If we consider that each cigarette smoked reduces human life by 12 minutes, the fight against smoking should be social, not individual.” See. Demir continued his words as follows:

“Smokers are at risk of serious Covid-19 infection because the virus is transmitted through droplets and hygiene conditions are not fully met during smoking. Cigarettes and smoke trigger coughing or sneezing, causing viruses to spread in the air and on the surface, and therefore we see that smokers are a source of transmission for the virus.” Stating that the disease progresses faster in smokers and that the patient needs more care and additional treatments, Demir said, “It is not scientifically surprising that the duration of intensive care and hospitalization is longer in individuals who use tobacco products.”

Instructor See. Özlem Demir concluded her words by saying, “It is time to say no to tobacco so that the Kovid-19 vaccine will provide sufficient benefits, the disease will not recur and the infection will be overcome in the most harmless way.”

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