Prof. Dr. Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Kuzhan stated that according to the data announced by the World Health Organization, approximately 18 million people were diagnosed with cancer in 2018, and that around 10 million people died of cancer.

Pointing out that the most common types of cancer in the world are lung, breast, colon, prostate and stomach cancers, Kuzhan said that lung cancer is the leading cause of loss of life, followed by colon, stomach, liver and breast cancer, respectively.

Kuzhan emphasized that lung cancer is more common in men and breast cancer is more common in women when clustered by gender, and emphasized that in some countries, lung cancer is in the first place in the list of most common cancers in women, as the smoking habit has started to increase in women.

Prof. Dr. Okan Kuzhan said, “According to the data of the Ministry of Health, 450 new cancer diagnoses are made every day in our country and 163 thousand new cancer diagnoses every year. According to the data of 2015, 247 out of every 100 thousand men and 177 out of every 100 thousand women are diagnosed with new cancer. According to the Ministry reports, it is expected that there will be 22 million new cases in 2030. ” he spoke.

All over the world and in Turkey is seen to increase the number of people living with cancer expressing KUZHAN, he said:

“In developed countries, the number of cancer-related loss of life is decreasing. Thus, the number of people living with cancer in the society is increasing. Smoking, alcohol use, inactivity, obesity, air pollution are among the factors that increase the frequency of cancer. It is possible to reduce the risk of cancer. Not smoking, not using alcohol, living in motion, It is enough to regulate the diet to keep the appropriate weight, to eat rich vegetables and fruits.Some poisons that are formed by storing food in bad conditions can also cause cancer. Therefore, the storage conditions of food are important.Unfortunately, some plants used by healthy people and some patients are useless and even harmful. aside from being stored in bad conditions, some poisons such as aflatoxin can cause health problems and even cancer. “

“One of the most important developments was the discovery of smart drugs”

Prof. Dr. Okan Kuzhan said that some of the preventable types of cancer are due to virus contamination, hepatitis B and C can cause liver cancer, Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) can cause cervical, head and neck cancers, and everyone should have hepatitis B and HPV vaccines.

Stating that cancer may develop despite all precautions, early diagnosis of cancer is very important, Kuzhan said, “Cancer is among the diseases with the highest recovery rate among internal diseases. One third of all cancer cases are completely cured. Diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic kidney disease. Complete recovery is impossible. However, there are many cancers that recover completely, and the number of these types of cancer is increasing day by day. In some cancers that do not heal completely, the disease can silence and patients can live with their disease. he spoke.

Providing information about the developments in cancer treatment, Prof. Dr. Kuzhan noted the following:

“One of the most important developments was the discovery of some small molecules known as smart drugs that can be taken orally. These can prevent the signaling caused by cancer-causing gene mutations inside the cell. Let me give an example showing the success of smart drugs. Before 2002, complete cure of chronic myeloid blood cancer. The only way to get bone marrow from another healthy relative and transfer it to the patient was very high. But one drug has reduced the need for bone marrow transplantation. Chronic blood cancer is now among cancers that heal with a pill. It took the form of a chronic disease such as diabetes or diabetes. Today, instead of starting treatment with cell-killing drugs, especially in lung cancer, we first identify the mutations that cause cancer, then we use drugs that stop the signal transmission in the cell developed specifically for these mutations. full regressions and very long lifetimes in cancer can be achieved. “

“Technological developments have made great gains in every step.”

Stating that one of the important developments in cancer treatment is the method called immunotherapy, Kuzhan said, “Some receptors were found on our immune cells. When these are blocked with some drugs, it has been shown that the immune cells begin to recognize the tumor as a foreign tissue. One feature of these drugs is that regardless of where the cancer originated. It provides a complete response even in some cancers that have sprung up, and these responses sometimes take long enough to mean complete recovery. With special staining and examinations in pathology and molecular pathology laboratories, we can predict which cancers will respond to immune therapy. ” made its evaluation.

Stating that technological developments have provided great gains in every step from diagnosis to treatment, Kuzhan completed his words as follows:

“Nanotechnology has made a breakthrough in the delivery of drugs to cancer tissue. With a device called positron emission tomography (PET), not only the area covered by the cancer, but even the aggression rate of the tumor can be displayed. Functional magnetic resonance (functional MRI) allows you to view static images of the brain as well as images during some activities. We have now begun to understand cancer at the molecular level. Thanks to genetic engineering, it is expected that specific mutations will be found in each patient in the future and drugs can be applied accordingly. In fact, these treatments have already begun. To take the patient’s cancer tissue and reproduce it in cell culture, to enable the patient’s immune cells to recognize tumor antigens and to give these cells intravenously. It is possible to give it back. It is known to be effective in lymphomas. Unfortunately, the desired level has not been reached yet. Another problem in these methods is to give a standard form to the procedures I described above. “

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