Stating that the popularity in medical aesthetics has rational basis, Dr. Mehtap Altınöz said, “We are all looking for ways to look good. We are looking for miracles to reduce the negative effects of aging on our appearance and improve our skin structure. Many products and applications fail to deliver on their promises. People are more distant to plastic surgery. For this reason, medical aesthetics has become a popular option for both women and men. Medical aesthetics provides many advantages for those who want to have a youthful appearance or to maintain their youthful appearance. Especially, women are turning to medical aesthetics against signs of aging, ”he said.


Emphasizing that the rush in daily life is somehow reflected in the skin, Dr. Mehtap Altınöz said, “If we see lines and wrinkles when we look in the mirror, there are many reasons for this! Many factors, from unhealthy eating habits to harmful cosmetics, almost attack our skin. Stressful days also negatively affect the skin, especially in the face area. These can also be natural signs of aging. You cannot stop the aging process; but you can slow it down. Medical aesthetics is the most natural way to do this. It is possible to minimize the damage caused by internal and external factors with skin-friendly natural products ”.

Dr. Noting that medical aesthetic applications are not only applied to damaged skin, Altınöz continued his words as follows:

“You don’t have to wait for signs of aging to appear for medical aesthetics. Many people seek treatment when they start seeing signs of aging. Medical aesthetic applications on the skin can be started before the symptoms. Thus, continuity in the form of healthy skin can be achieved. Starting non-surgical medical aesthetic applications in the early period will ensure that the skin remains healthy, the skin tone improves and the signs of aging are delayed. “

“Non-surgical facial rejuvenation is among the popular demands of women”

Stating that patients who have undergone medical aesthetics are satisfied and their self-confidence increases, Dr. Altınöz said, “According to plastic surgery procedures, signs of aging can be removed in the skin tissue at very affordable prices. There are many botox applications in medical aesthetics, from eyebrow lift botox to migraine botox. In addition, hyaluronic acid filler applications are a very effective method, especially for facial rejuvenation. With cheek, cheek, temple and chin fillings, we can design facial aesthetics in accordance with the expectations of the person. We also have applications for lips, upper hand, jowl, and around the eyes. New generation smart mesotherapy applications and skin rejuvenation lasers are among the skin rejuvenation procedures that we have achieved very effective results, ”he said.

Dr. Stating that non-surgical facial rejuvenation is among the popular demands of women, Altınöz emphasized that with this application, the natural expression on the face can be kept healthier, moist and fit, and used the following expressions:

“We use new generation smart mesotherapy applications in non-surgical facial and jaw line rejuvenation. These vaccines activate collagen that provides moisture, elasticity and cell renewal in the skin. These vaccines are very effective in skin rejuvenation. It stays under the skin for a long time, slowing down the aging process “

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