Drawing attention to the importance of using masks, Otorhinolaryngology Specialist Dr. Selçuk Güney said, “The masks used in this period are extremely valuable in terms of protection. Using a mask does not harm blood oxygenation. Long-term use of masks is important. Especially in April, May and June, the use of masks against particles flying by the effect of pollen and wind has a very protective effect, and at the same time, its effectiveness against classical viruses has been clearly observed by all of us from the decrease in the number of simple flu in the past period, ”he said.


Güney also warned the patients with chronic sinusitis and individuals with a tendency to develop sinusitis against the effects of seasonal allergic stimuli and said, “Pollens, dust and particles blown away by the wind in the open air cause reactions in the nose and sinuses, there is a potential to trigger regional edema and subsequent microbial sinusitis.”

Güney said, “Sinusitis is a chronic and difficult to treat disease that affects the whole society, disrupting the quality of life of the individual, even apnea, snoring and sudden death, regardless of age and gender.”


Emphasizing that the sinus systems that secrete mucus into the nose and help make the air suitable for breathing are the source of healthy and efficient breathing, Dr. Selçuk Güney also drew attention to individuals with nasal deviation or turbinate hypertrophy, especially against the spring season.

“Particles entering the nose during breathing can result in local edema, then a runny red mucosa called allergic congestion, and finally the opening of the classic sinusitis disease by closing the holes that allow the sinuses to flow into the nose,” Güney said.


Stating that diseases affecting respiratory tract function such as sinusitis will affect heart, lung and vascular patients more by reducing oxygen saturation in the blood, Ear Nose Throat Specialist Dr. Selçuk Güney emphasized the importance of protection.

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