According to the statement made by KEPAN, the congress was held online on 12-14 March with approximately 2 thousand participants.

Association President Prof. Dr. In his opening speech, Osman Abbasoğlu stated that a healthy and balanced diet provides a protective effect against all infections, especially Kovid-19, and continued as follows:

“In case of illness, especially in intensive care, the risk of death of patients with good nutrition decreases significantly. Proteins are the leading nutrients in this protection. Muscles, the main storage area of ​​proteins, play a key role in the fight against infection, in critical illness. The two most important factors in muscle building and preservation are food and physical activity. Staying at home of elderly patients during the epidemic period, decreasing their physical activity brings the risk of muscle loss. Also, if malnutrition is added to this, the susceptibility to the disease increases. Of course, besides protein, fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and trace elements should not be neglected. In patients with chronic diseases such as heart failure and COPD, nutrition gains more importance.

Underlining that it is essential to have a strong immune system in the fight against Kovid-19, Abbasoğlu stated that if the immune system is weak, the consequences of the disease are more severe.

Pointing out the need to pay special attention to patients receiving cancer treatment, Abbasoğlu noted that considering the incidence of cancer increases with age, the elderly and patients with cancer are more at risk.

Stating that if there is no deficiency, there is no need to take regular supplementary vitamins, trace elements and minerals, Abbasoğlu said that vitamin D deficiency can become evident especially in winter, and those who have deficiency should definitely supplement vitamin D.

Abbasoğlu, “Excess of all nutrients is a burden for metabolism. Therefore, unnecessary use of vitamins should also be avoided. Let’s not forget the importance of balanced and adequate nutrition both in order not to catch the disease and to overcome the disease comfortably.” made its evaluation.

“Epidemic has shown the importance of nutrition as never before”

President of the European Association for Clinical Nutrition (ESPEN) Prof. Dr. Rocco Barazzoni, President of the Asian Association for Clinical Nutrition (PENSA) Dr. Winai Ungpinitpong and Editor of Clinical Nutrition Magazine Prof. Dr. Nicolaas Deutz joined online.

In his speech, Winai Ungpinitpong pointed out the importance of international cooperation in combating the Kovid-19 outbreak.

Winai Ungpinitpong stated that the risk of death increases if people with nutritional deficiencies become infected, and that nutritional support should be included when the treatment plan of the patients is made.

Nicolaas Deutz also stated that in the epidemic, doctors were treating their patients on the one hand and working on the epidemic on the other hand, and that knowledge and new studies were needed to reveal the place of the treatment of infection and nutritional support here more clearly.

Prof. Dr. Rocco Barazzoni, on the other hand, underlined that besides individual attitudes, professional organizations should also take part in the fight against the epidemic, “This epidemic has shown the importance of nutrition as never before.” said.

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