According to the foundation’s statement, cerebral palsy occurs when the immature brain is damaged before, during or after birth. More than 6 thousand babies every year in Turkey is diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Cerebral palsy, which is the most common disability in infancy and childhood, causes nutritional problems due to difficulty swallowing and posture disorders.

While eating and swallowing problems, frequent vomiting, and the risk of choking during meals cause long meal times and malnutrition, this situation causes growth and development retardation, respiratory infections and decreased immunity in children with cerebral palsy.

Cerebral palsy, which aims to prevent nutritional problems of Turkey Cerebral Palsy Spastic Children Foundation-Turkey, Turkey cooperation with Nutricia “full Cerebral Palsy Energy One Step – Nutrition from No Way” launched the project.

Within the scope of the project planned for 1 year in the first stage, the growth and development of 30 children will be evaluated with a holistic treatment including dietician evaluation, physiotherapy, swallowing therapy and gastroenterology evaluation. Special nutritional treatments will be planned for each child.

During the treatment process, children with cerebral palsy will contribute to the improvement of their nutritional status, depending on the correct posture and the development of oral motor functions.

In addition, various studies will be conducted throughout the year to prevent insufficient information resources and explain the importance of nutritional therapy in cerebral palsy treatment.

“Healthy nutrition of these children is very critical for the treatment to be successful”

The statement given to the views Turkey Cerebral Palsy Spastic Children Foundation-Turkey Director General of Niger Evgin, cerebral palsy proper nutrition children’s physical, mental and psychological development support, he said.

Pointing out that there are two important shortcomings on this issue, which is important for children with cerebral palsy, Evgin made the following evaluations:

“First, the necessity of proper nutrition and the importance of nutrition in the treatment process are not known by the parents. Families with children diagnosed with cerebral palsy find themselves at the beginning of a very long and challenging journey. Nutritional evaluations can be overlooked due to the focus on neurological problems. One of the biggest reasons for this is nutrition related. However, the healthy nutrition of these children is critical for the success of the treatment. With the project we started, we aim to show the importance of a multidisciplinary approach, which includes neurologists, dieticians, physiotherapists, psychologists, language and speech therapists, draw attention to the importance of nutrition, raise awareness of families and We aim to reach the masses. “

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