Milk, which has a very high nutritional value, has a very important role for the mental and physical development of children. Emphasizing that students who spend time mostly at home due to the pandemic should consume enough milk to strengthen their immune system and protect them from diseases in the winter months, experts say that two glasses of milk should be drunk during the day to increase body resistance and healthy nutrition.

Prof. Dr. Neriman İnanç stated that 2 glasses of milk a day is of great importance in terms of intelligence development and it has been proven that it increases school success. Faith; “We need to consume every food group in order to have a sufficient and balanced diet. Among the food groups consisting of milk, meat, grains, fruits, vegetables, fats and sugars, only milk contains carbohydrates, protein and fat, which are effective in energy generation. In addition to giving energy to milk, it is also important for the immune system. While there is an increase in upper respiratory tract infections as a result of the weakening of the immune system with the change of season, the consumption of milk with more than 40 nutrients plays an important role in the prevention of diseases such as flu, colds and pharyngitis. Two glasses of milk, which are drunk regularly every day, can also meet the daily mineral needs of children. Therefore, the school success of children who are well nourished is higher than those who have poor and unbalanced nutrition.

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