Pharmacology Department Lecturer Dr. Ahmet İnal made statements about the use of drugs in Ramadan. Dr. İnal stated that patients should not stop taking their medications during Ramadan, but some people can quit their medications in order to fast. Stating that they see negative effects on patients in such cases, İnal said, “Our patients have to use their medicines under the control of their doctors. The mistake is that if our patients drink medicine 3 times a day, they try to squeeze it between sahur and iftar. Unfortunately, this is not suitable for drug use. So if we recommend the use of drugs 3 times a day, it means every 8 hours. This already has an accident. Therefore, you can do the accident. Therefore, in the month of Ramadan, people should first think about their health. Then, when they recover, they can make an accident. People must use their medicines properly. Especially in our elderly patients, we see this situation. Our elderly people want to fast. but if our treatment d If it is important, this treatment should be done, “he said.


Dr. Ahmet İnal pointed out that the society should be vaccinated under pandemic conditions and said, “This must be finished as soon as possible. Otherwise, with the speed of the spread of this mutant virus and new mutants will appear. We will encounter other mutants instead of the British mutant. Therefore, vaccination should be done as soon as possible. Our Presidency of Religious Affairs also has a statement saying, “Vaccination can be done during Ramadan.” Therefore, we see no problem in vaccinating our fasting people. In order for us to overcome this pandemic, the vaccination must continue, “he said.

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