Wireless headphones used as in-ear and on-ear have become a part of life especially recently. Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Pınar said, “Headphones have become a part of our lives nowadays. We should pay attention to the hygiene of the headphones we use and we should not leave them in the middle. Headphones need to be constantly disinfected and wiped. It is not very correct to use them continuously and for a long time.”

Expressing that headphones can cause external ear canal inflammation, especially in people who use them frequently, Prof. Dr. “Headphones can be put somewhere when they are removed from the ear, and when they are put back on the ear, it can cause inflammation. This can cause external auditory canal inflammation. Fungal infections can also be seen in people who use headphones constantly as a result of irritation of the external ear canal. Earwax also occurs as a result of pushing back the external ear discharge that comes after removing and putting on headphones. Especially in young people, earwax can cause external auditory canal infection. Above all, headphones can cause external auditory canal infection. We also see this situation in hearing aids.


Drawing attention to the fact that listening to loud music with headphones for a long time may cause hearing loss, Prof. Dr. Emphasizing that the inner ear should not be exposed to loud sounds, Pınar said, “Most of the youth, while listening to music with headphones, transmit loud sounds to the inner ear loudly. This situation seems to cause hearing loss in the long term, especially in high-pitched sounds. Listening to music can damage the inner ear. You should not listen for more than 1-2 hours every day. Because they give high volume to the inner ear directly from the outer ear canal, it can cause some acoustic sound trauma in the inner ear. “he spoke.

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