Stating that the most effective of the early diagnosis methods of lung cancer is Computed Tomography (CT), Chest Diseases Specialist. Lecturer Seha Akduman made important warnings about the age of screening in cancer, updated by the American Cancer Society (ACS). Explaining that a lesion must rise above an average centimeter to be visible on chest radiography, Dr. Lecturer Seha Akduman, “Chest radiography is one of the screening methods. However, since the history of cancer will be advanced in a lung lesion that exceeds 1 centimeter, the only technique we can catch in the early stages is tomography. 30 percent of cancer is caused by the windpipe. Therefore, bronchoscopy may be considered for screening, ”he said.


Explaining that lung cancer is the most common type of cancer that causes loss of life in both sexes all over the world. Lecturer Member Seha Akduman said: “Turkey ranks 10th in terms of lung cancer incidence. 1 in 10 people who currently smoke are struggling for treatment for lung cancer. When you consider the smoking rates, it is obvious that this number is unimaginable. Therefore, it is important to catch the disease, which can be cured with early diagnosis and surgery, at an early stage. At this point, when we put the risks in front of us considering the low radiation dose, it will be the most accurate method to scan the risky patient groups with low dose tomography. Accordingly, the American Cancer Society updated the lung cancer early screening age. According to new information, the recommended tomography age for patients aged 55 and over who smoked for 30 years has dropped to 50. People over the age of 50 who smoke an average of 1 pack of cigarettes a day for 20 years need to have a low-dose lung tomography. “

Reminding that surgery is the most effective treatment method in lung cancer, Dr. Lecturer Member Akduman said, “If there is no spread to distant lymph nodes, if it has not spread to distant organs such as brain and bone, if it is not seen in the chest wall, we consider surgery as the first option in these patients. “Considering the current drugs and stages, the group with the longest survival time is the group that has undergone surgery,” he said.


Explaining that the body started to recover within hours and minutes from the moment of quitting smoking, Yeditepe University Hospitals Chest Diseases Specialist Dr. Lecturer Member Akduman said:

“When a woman of reproductive age quits smoking, the chances of recovery are much better than an older man with advanced cancer. The risk of recovery decreases with age. The sooner the cigarette is quit, the recovery begins within hours and minutes. After 10 years, dramatic declines are seen. After 20 years, these decreases are visible. There is a risk of radiation in tomography, but when we compare the cancer risk with radiation, if there is a patient whose cancer risk outweighs, radiation should be ignored. Because the patient who is diagnosed early has a chance to be completely cured and if the patient is cured, he will be able to continue his life without tumor. “

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