Uro-Andrology Specialist Prof. Dr. Halim Hattat said that while some men lose their sexual power at a young age, some of them maintain their performance despite their advanced age, and gave information about the factors that trigger them and treatment methods.

Reminding that aging problems such as obesity, diabetes, vascular diseases, heart problems, stroke-paralysis, joint problems, memory-concentration problems are beginning to appear at an earlier age, Prof. Dr. Calligrapher said, “Lifestyle mistakes trigger this. For example, we can add lifestyle mistakes such as unhealthy diet, inactivity, excessive alcohol and smoking, and excessive stress. Many young people in their 30s with the sex hormones of an 80-year-old man apply to our clinic. These men sometimes experience sexual reluctance, erection loss, ejaculation problems in their twenties and thirties, sometimes in their forties. We provide treatments, advice and lifestyle arrangements to increase sexual power from a young age, ”he said.


Prof. Dr. Hattat, stating that many male patients around the age of 35-40 complained about their sexual power decreased, “Many of them also suffer from performance anxiety. Unfortunately, most people don’t have genes for longevity. For this reason, it is not right to hope that you have lucky genes and disrupt your health checks. After all, many diseases occur due to lifestyle and environmental factors. This is also the case with sexual problems. If you want to get older and maintain sexual power for many years, you should examine your genetic heritage, your illnesses, medications, your lifestyle and make healthy lifestyle choices. Otherwise, you may get testosterone loss, erectile dysfunction and many other sexual problems from an early age, ”he said.


Drawing attention to the fact that men aged 35-40 should definitely have sexual check-up, Prof. Dr. The calligrapher said, “Such a control both helps us to find the causes of existing sexual problems and reveals unnoticed decline in function. The sexual zone is a barometer of the male body. Each issue here gives you an idea of ​​your overall body health. If you have problems with your penile vessels or if your testosterone hormone is low, it is very likely that you will experience a cardiovascular problem within 5 years. For this reason, consult your doctor and have your genital area health checked ”.

Prof. Dr. Hattat said, “Testosterone hormone starts to decrease from the 30s. This decrease accelerates especially in men with high body fat, thick waist circumference and those with high stress. Increasing sexual reluctance can be seen over time. The quality of morning hardening may decrease, mental arousal may decrease. In such a control, your sexual area, vascular and neurological system, prostate health can be checked as well as your male hormones, ”he said.


Stating that mild signs of aging may occur in the veins of the sexual region, Prof. Dr. Hattat, “Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking accelerate this aging. As a result, difficulties begin in providing or maintaining hardening in the following period. Likewise, the conduction velocity decreases in the neurological system in the genital area. Touch alerts become more difficult to respond to. This effect is more common in men who consume heavy alcohol and diabetics. The time between two hardening starts to increase gradually. So performing on the same night in a row can get harder. “This situation forces men who want to provide a second hardening due to premature ejaculation.”

Reminding that the prostate gland starts to grow around the age of 40, Prof. Dr. Halim Hattat said, “Urinary tract problems, ejaculation problems and sexual pain can be seen. Performance anxiety and fear of failure rise. Therefore, psychological-physical dependence on herbal pills or erection drugs may develop. Metabolic parameters that pose a risk for sexuality are also evaluated. There are many years when a 35-40 year old man can remain sexually active in front of him. Even if the shape, duration and behaviors change, sexual life can continue even until the age of 100. The important thing here is to know the physiological changes in your body, to support your sexual functions with correct living habits and medical treatments under the control of a physician when necessary. It is important to be prepared for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, lack of sexual desire, testosterone deficiency and prostate diseases. Patients with blood pressure, heart, diabetes, kidney and prostate must be more careful. After the age of 35, have sexual check-ups regularly, regulate metabolic parameters that affect sexuality and receive supportive treatments. Then the youth performance will continue for a long time ”.

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