Research by scientists from Cambridge University found that young people who were exposed to bullying or aggressive behavior during late adolescence and early adulthood were more likely to dream of harming or killing people.

Within the framework of the research, it was observed that the probability of dreaming about violence in young men who were exposed to 10 of the behaviors listed in 23 aggressive behavior categories by experts in the last year increased to 97 percent and to 73 percent in girls.

The study was based on the statements of 1465 young people aged between 15 and 20 living in Zurich, Switzerland.

Researchers were asked questions about the type of aggression they were exposed to, the rate of violence in their dreams, and the target of violence, in the study conducted through a questionnaire.

In the study, which listed teasing, physical assault, sexual harassment, and aggressive parenting among aggressive behaviors, the researchers noted that each of these behaviors contributed to an 8 percent increase in the likelihood of imagining violence.

Experts also pointed out that the probability of dreaming with violence in boys who are not bullied during late adolescence and early adulthood is 56 percent, and girls are 23 percent.

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