Mask Recommendations for Acne Scars

People can get acne, especially during adolescence. Acne, which is among the skin problems, is a recurrent disease due to sebaceous glands. Acne is more common in oily areas of the skin. It can easily occur in areas such as face, neck and chest.

Pimples are visually disturbing problems for people. People can be psychologically affected by this situation and have problems in social life. Acne can be seen permanently in some people. In some cases, it can pass by itself. Unconsciously plucking the pimples or applying another method can create bigger health problems.

For acne, it is necessary to consult specialist doctors in the first place. Acne treatments should be continued by applying the necessary treatment methods under the doctor’s control. Pimples are more common types of acne in adolescence. But it can also occur in adults for some reasons. There is a lot of research on how to get rid of acne scars. Specialist doctors may consider the following treatment methods suitable for acne;

Needle laser therapy

Radio frequency

IPL laser therapy

Chemical peeling application

These treatment methods will work in a short time. However, according to some tests, natural methods are preferred more for a healthy treatment. There are many natural methods that can be applied at home. These methods, which are applied without the use of chemicals, can eliminate acne. Some types of masks that can be applied to eliminate acne are as follows;

Rose water mask

Aloe vera

Honey and apple mask

Lemon and honey mask

How Are Acne Scars Easiest?

How to easily treat common acne in adolescence is a topic that many people wonder. Allergic problems can occur, especially with some wrong treatment methods. Permanent scars can be formed by hearing or applying methods they see anywhere. Pimples can spread to larger areas while being treated. For this reason, every treatment application should not be used.

Many people try to find solutions by covering acne with concealer. However, concealers are not a long-lasting and permanent treatment method. Using products under the name of products that are good for acne can cause acne to increase more. In order to find the most effective solution to acne, first of all, it is necessary to apply to specialist doctors and to apply the treatment methods recommended by the doctors.

Foods Good for Acne

There are many foods that people with acne should and should not consume. Especially people with acne can get rid of this situation in a short time by consuming certain foods. There are some foods that can be good for skin health and that everyone prefers. Omega 3 fatty acids are a type of food that is very good for skin health. It can heal skin wounds very quickly, especially due to the vitamin E and zinc it contains. In addition, vitamins A, D and E are highly effective vitamins for skin health. Foods containing probiotics are also foods that should be consumed and are skin-friendly.

Foods That Can Increase Acne

People with acne hardly think that this is caused by food. However, there are many foods that can cause oily skin and adversely affect the skin. When these foods are consumed continuously, they cause oily skin and acne. Especially excessive sugar consumption can trigger acne formation in humans. Some types of food that can cause acne are as follows;

Desserts with bread, crackers and white flour

White rice

Pasta made with white flour


Sugary drinks

Sugar cane

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