Since the estrogen hormone is very effective in cellulite formation, cellulite is mostly seen in women. During pregnancy and menopause, there may be an increase in cellulite. The lumps, which are softer in the beginning, become harder and nodular in the later period. Medical Aesthetic Physician Dr. Mesut Ayyıldız gave information on the subject.

Cellulite causes?

Although the main cause of cellulite is fat accumulation in the lower layer of the skin, the amount of this fat accumulation, ie the degree of cellulite, is generally related to genetic factors, body fat percentage and age. Skin thickness also seriously affects the appearance of cellulite.

The fact that the distribution of fat in women is more pronounced than in men and the estrogen hormone is the main reason why the cellulite formation in women is more than men. After the skin gets thinner and loses its elasticity due to the advancement of age, the folded connective tissues under the skin are also exposed.

Causes of cellulite

Genetic factors
Irregular and unbalanced eating habits
* Leading an unhealthy lifestyle
* Frequent weight gain
* Excessive secretion of estrogen hormone in women
* Loss of elasticity of the skin due to aging
* Some drugs used
* Excess weight
* Living a still life
* Accumulated toxins in the body

Cellulite symptoms

If you have mild cellulite, you can easily see the orange peel texture when you squeeze your calves with your hands. Sometimes cellulites; may have the appearance of cottage cheese.
In more severe cellulite, the skin looks wrinkled. Even when not moving, wrinkles and pits on the skin can be seen from the outside.

Cellulite Treatment with Mesotherapy

With mesotherapy, which is one of the most preferred cellulite treatments, a very small amount of injection is applied to the mesoderm layer of the skin through very tiny needle tips. Sessions usually last between 30 and 40 minutes and are held at least 5 days apart. For the best results, cellulite treatment with mesotherapy should be at least 10 sessions.

Suggestions for those with cellulite

* Consume at least 2 liters of water during the day.
* Avoid excessive fatty food consumption that triggers cellulite formation.
* Do not consume excessive amounts of salt and sugar.
* Quit your alcohol and smoking habits.
* Exercise regularly.
* Avoid rapid weight gain and loss as much as possible.
* Get rid of your excess body fat, that is, lose weight.
* Consume plenty of cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and Brussels sprouts to keep your estrogen level under control.
* Limit unnecessary medication use.
* Stay away from a stressful life as stress can trigger cellulite formation.
* Try not to be exposed to sunlight for a long time, especially in summer.
* Do not consume canned and pickled foods.
* Do not consume canned drinks such as cola and fruit juice.
* Try not to sit hunched over and sit upright as much as you can.

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