Assoc. Dr. Mahmut Muzaffer İlhan drew attention to the fact that excess weight that cannot be lost despite diet and exercise can cause cushing syndrome. Assoc. Dr. İlhan said, “With aging, the amount of energy consumed by our organs, which we call the basal metabolic rate, begins to decrease. Although it varies from person to person, even if each factor remains the same, the basal metabolic rate of the person at the age of 40 is roughly 150 kcal per day than that of the 20 year old. Other main factors affecting basal metabolism are height, weight, and gender. Basal metabolic rate decreases as you lose weight. One of the reasons why a person loses weight by dieting and stays at a fixed weight despite having the same diet is that the basal metabolic rate decreases when losing weight. “Another important factor affecting basal metabolism is gender, and metabolic rate in men is higher than in women.”


Stating that if the patient cannot lose weight despite diet and exercise, Assoc. Dr. İlhan used the following statements:

“In this evaluation, the conditions that may cause obesity should be examined and it should be investigated whether there is an underlying disease. For example, if the patient has symptoms such as fat in the trunk (central) part accompanying obesity, hair growth, menstrual irregularity, purple cracks in the abdomen, rounding on the face, adrenal gland diseases such as cushing syndrome may be the reason for not losing weight. The role of modern medicine in the treatment of obesity is to prevent the development of obesity as well as treating obesity. For this, the parameters that make up the metabolism should be carefully reviewed, especially in risky individuals, and the lifestyle changes that should be made to protect the individual from obesity should be explained in detail. However, patients who have difficulties in losing weight due to quality of life changes such as diet and exercise for obesity treatment should consult the relevant physician for pharmacological treatments. “

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