In our daily life ritual, when we say home, work, family, many factors affect us and cause us to be stressed. In the evening hours, which are the best times, wouldn’t it be great if the antidepressant properties of the herbs relaxed us to some extent and provide a better and quality sleep? Dietician Specialist Aslıhan Küçük Budak gave information about the subject.


With its muscle relaxant feature, it relaxes the stomach muscles and is perfect for those who suffer from bloating and indigestion. When you feel overly tense, sleepless and tired, you will be relieved by relaxing the muscles. Get ready for a comfortable and deep sleep after chamomile tea.


In Austria, it is used for the treatment of bile, liver and nervous system disorders, including digestive problems, and for symptom relief. Unlike lemon balm, there is a different type of plant called lemon balm, this should not be confused with lemon balm. This is different from lemon balm. Studies have shown that the ingredients in lemon balm relax the body, affect the nervous system, provide relief and make it easier to fall asleep.


Did you know that even sniffing lavender provides comfort? Thanks to the essential oils in its content, your muscles will relax, your nervous system will be affected and you will relax. Since it has a very intense aroma, it will be enough to use it in small amounts or to put a small leaf in your chamomile or lemon balm tea.


Valerian, whose Latin name is Valeriana officinalis, contains more than a hundred active ingredients. These active substances have been proven in studies to calm people, reduce anxiety, and be effective for those who have sleep problems. It accelerates the process of falling asleep and increases sleep time and quality. Being a natural antidepressant, valerian does not make addiction like medications. This plant, in which its roots and leaves are used, also lowers blood pressure and relaxes muscles.


As the name suggests, this plant with yellow flowers is another non-drug treatment for those suffering from stress and fatigue. It is a plant that will relieve depressed people by helping the secretion of happiness hormone thanks to a substance called hypericin. It reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and is good for menstrual pain. However, I recommend that people who use drugs should not use them without asking experts. Dizziness, nausea and tiredness will be seen as side effects due to overuse.

Our first choice is to treat it with natural foods and herbs instead of using drugs, it is a longer and more effective solution. But it should not be forgotten that while waiting for the benefits of plants, excessive use may cause us harm.

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