According to current studies, the fact that children are physically and socially away from their peers, lack of private space at home, fear about the disease, and their families coping with economic problems can affect their psychological well-being. It is also stated that with social isolation, children’s life satisfaction may decrease.

Stating that children need to be together with their peers in environments such as schools, Expert Psychologist Pınar Talaslıoğlu said, “Staying away from their peers can be challenging for children. While strong peer communication can support learning, children staying away from this support can cause learning loss. Group dynamics can be formed more easily when children are together in the classroom. In the individual learning environment in front of the screen at home, children may have difficulties in establishing social bonds and belonging to the group, and they may become alienated from their environment. Not being able to reach the other person on the screen can also make the child feel isolated and lonely. For this reason, having activities aimed at creating group dynamics in online lessons can help children to contact each other ”.


Stating that children needed to feel safe during this period, Talaslıoğlu continued as follows:

“Continuity of daily routines can support the child to feel safe by giving a message about the continuity of life. At the same time, they may need alternative spaces where they can maintain social distancing communication with their peers. That way, they can get social bonding and group support.

Developing self-regulation skills, in which children can discover their feelings and behaviors related to the epidemic period, can support them to overcome the period more easily. For example; A corner of need or space of need can be created at home for the child to open new spaces for himself, to discover his strengths and inner resources, and to regulate his emotions. When the child feels intense stress, he can do activities that he enjoys to spend time in order to calm down and notice his emotions in this need area of ​​the house. A compassionate approach by the parent to both himself and the child can strengthen the bond between them. “

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