Dr. Faculty Member Şumnu made warnings about salt consumption due to 8-14 March World Salt Awareness Week and 11 March World Kidney Day.

Šumen, a maximum amount of 6 grams of salt to be taken daily (sodium 2.4 grams) it must be stated that the average of the said approached very rise above 18 grams of salt consumed daily in Turkey.

Pointing out that the reduction of salt in the diet seriously reduces the risk of many diseases such as stroke, hypertension and kidney stones, Şumnu said, “For a healthier life, remove the salt shakers from the tables. Almost every food contains salt. Therefore, even if we do not add salt to the meals, we consume salt. We can reduce the risk of many diseases such as, hypertension, kidney stones. ” found the assessment.

Şumnu noted the following about the sodium content of frequently consumed foods;

“For patients who have to follow a stricter salt diet, daily sodium consumption can be calculated. 20 mg egg, 100 mg glass of milk, 1 piece of white bread and 100 grams of feta cheese 500 mg, 100 grams of olives 1400 mg and 100 grams of bacon approximately 2500 mg of sodium. But the amount of salt and sodium are mixed with each other. The amount of salt in a food is about 2.5 times the sodium content of that food. This difference needs to be considered. “

Stating that a zero salt-free diet is not possible in practice, Şumnu noted that even if salt is not added to the meals and salt shaker is not used on the table, there is enough salt in the food to meet the daily need.

“Stay away from processed foods, as well as foods that are a storehouse of salt, such as pickles.”

Shumen emphasized that extra salt should not be added to the dishes by removing the salt shakers from the table and continued his words as follows;

“To achieve the goal of 6 grams or less of salt per day, throw at most 1 teaspoon of salt per day while cooking meals, stay away from ready-made foods and canned food, or choose those with reduced salt by checking their sodium content, use spices such as black pepper, red pepper, oregano instead of too much salt. , flavor your salads with healthy sauces such as lemon and vinegar. Avoid processed foods such as salami, sausage, bacon, and also foods such as pickles, which are a source of salt. “

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